Delivery Date

At our company, we are dedicated not only to designing and manufacturing high-quality yoga and activewear but also to providing an unparalleled shopping experience for our customers. We understand that every step from selection to wearing our products is crucial. Hence, our commitment to delivery is not just about speed, but reliability. Our goal is to ensure that every moment from your purchase to the reception of our products is filled with anticipation and satisfaction.

1. Delivery Process

From the moment you click “Place Order” on our website, our team is committed to ensuring that your order is delivered quickly and safely. Our order processing includes accurate inventory management, professional packaging, and close collaboration with renowned logistics companies. Our packaging team meticulously handles each product to ensure its safety during transit. In partnership with top logistics providers, we guarantee timely delivery of every product, with every detail transparent and traceable.

2. Estimated Delivery Times

We provide clear delivery time guidelines for each region. For instance, in local areas, standard delivery typically takes 3-5 business days, while international deliveries may take 7-10 business days. Please note that these times may vary due to special circumstances such as adverse weather, holidays, or custom orders. We promise to keep you updated on the status of your order at all times and strive to minimize any waiting time.

3. Customer Service and Support

Our customer service team is always ready to assist you. Whether it's i    nquiring about order status, handling delivery delays, or consulting about our return and exchange policies, we are committed to providing prompt and professional service. We understand that delivery is an important part of your shopping experience, so we always strive to ensure that each delivery meets your expectations. If you have any questions or suggestions about the delivery process, please feel free to contact us.

4. Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability

Our company is committed not just to providing high-quality yoga and activewear but also to valuing environmental protection and sustainability. In our delivery process, we use eco-friendly materials and recyclable packaging to minimize our environmental impact. Additionally, we are continuously exploring and implementing ways to reduce our carbon footprint, such as optimizing logistic routes and supporting clean energy projects. We believe that through these efforts, we can offer not only quality service but also contribute to the protection of our shared planet.

Our goal is to provide on-time delivery through efficient production processes, flexible production planning, reliable supply chain management, and coordinated warehousing and logistics arrangements. We understand the importance of timely delivery for your business and brand image, and thus, we promise to always make our best efforts to meet your time requirements.

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