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You probably heard this tagline: 'You gotta door

by:Bless Garment     2020-07-10
A door gym? Are you kidding? Well, this Body by Jake equipment can be attached to any door, so that's how it came to be called a door gym. It has been claimed that the Tower 200 can be your own personal gym with the many exercises you can do with it. How can that be? The Tower 200 is actually a resistance band sort of equipment, wherein you can attach hand grips and ankle grips and use your own body to overcome the resistance. This is how strength training and weight training works. So basically, you can enjoy the same workout you'll have in a gym at home. Great! So what's the catch? Since this fitness machine has to be attached to a door, you need to be very careful that the door is sturdy and strong enough to handle the pressure. The machine is padded so it won't deform your door. However, when you do your routines, the door is subjected to a certain degree of pressure which might potentially cause it to cave in. As with any fitness equipment, it is subject to wear and tear. Sadly, the same goes for your door. When you train regularly, your body will get used to the intensity of your routines and you will need to increase the resistance. Increased resistance means increased pressure on your door. So you might be faced with having to renovate your door after a year of using the Tower 200. But let's look on the upside... A door gym means it won't take up a lot of space. No mess. No fuss. Free weights offer the same resistance but they can be bulky and messy. You might get hounded by your partner if these weights are lying around. With a door gym, it is fixed to one place. That makes it easier to get into your routine and stick with it. After all, you would have to go through a door at some point in your day and seeing the door gym attached would serve as reminder. Very helpful when it comes to making sure you stick to the routine! Eventually, you will have to figure out for yourself if a door gym is what you need. Depending on your fitness needs, a door gym may or may not be sufficient for you. For the pros, it won't be enough. However, for those who are looking to keep themselves fit and toned without having to go to the gym, then a home gym attached a door would do just fine.
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