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Yoga clothes cleaning rules

by:Bless Garment     2021-01-08
1 First of all, we should make sure that the pockets of the yoga clothes are empty. When washing yoga clothes, place them in 40 degrees water and wash them with your hands. Remember to wash them separately. Do not mix with other clothes. You must knead gently, avoid vigorously rubbing, and don't use a brush.

2. Do not use ordinary soap. Generally, soap is alkaline and will cause damage to the clothes. It should be cleaned with neutral detergent. After washing, be sure to rinse well, gently squeeze the water, and then even out and dry. Never use an iron to re-iron to avoid wrinkles. Dark clothes must be washed separately from other clothes to avoid dyeing tragedies.

3. The cleaning of yoga clothes is subject to some restrictions. We must pay attention to the trademarks on some clothes during yoga practice, and do not ignore the importance of laundry labels.

4. In short, do not chlorine bleach, dry, expose, machine wash, or soak for a long time when washing yoga clothes. Wash by color separation at room temperature of 40 degrees, gently by hand, ventilate and dry.
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