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Witcher Cosplay - Geralt of Rivia

by:Bless Garment     2019-12-25
One of my favorite games in 2015 is Witcher 3, in fact I love kaer Moreno armor so much that I convince myself to try and craft my own armor with genuine leather
Made chain letters and a variety of techniques that allowed me to make this stuff. . . . .
No working tools for leather.
You need something to make this outfit.
Tools include sewing machine hot glue gun drilling punch kit human body model (
If you don\'t, then you need a lot of tape)
Material: leather. . . .
Leather of various color brown polyester thread cotton material, 1x color of trousers, 1x color of main vest sleeve. Eva Foam (
Yoga mats are generally the easiest source)
Plastic film. (It is PVC, that is, styrene.
Or just cut a plastic storage container)
2mm wire aluminum or steel. At least 120m.
Plastic strapping or bodice.
Bundles for packaging.
Zipper, Buckle, rope.
This step is a great place to be prepared to save you a lot of time.
The first thing you need is a human body model.
If you don\'t have these, then you need a friend, about 5 rolls of tape to make one: please click on this link to see how to make your own mannequin for this building.
Click here to take your mannequin, and your first move is to take a marker pen and draw how you want all the panels to be placed on your body.
The idea of pattern drawing is to make separate panels for your clothing that are best suited to the wearer\'s body, keeping in mind that straight lines are not appropriate around organic curves.
Once you have drafted all the work, mark them with the registry key and remove them from your mannequin.
Take your pattern shards and you want to trace them back to paper now, and then add your seam allowance as soon as it\'s done. (
The sewing allowance is an extra 5mm-
12mm fabric will be sewn together)
Now that you already have your pattern shards, it\'s time to make a \"model\" where you\'ll take a cheaper fabric similar to the one you want to use for the finished product, sew them together to make sure the pattern works and the most important thing is to fit you.
Pants are much simpler and the steps are the same for this outfit, but don\'t make mannequin and draft patterns, just wear some old pants that fit and cut them into new patterns, add the seam allowance, then bam! ! ! Done! ! !
I personally added a quilting machine to the cotton section of my pants and it looks more medieval.
Pants are much simpler and the steps are the same for this outfit, but don\'t make mannequin and draft patterns, just wear some old pants that fit and cut them into new patterns, add the seam allowance, then bam! ! ! Done! ! !
I personally added a quilting machine to the cotton section of my pants and it looks more medieval.
Transfer the pieces of the pattern you have now built to your leather, cut them off and get ready to start sewing.
When sewing leather, it is better to use industrial sewing machine. . .
Sadly, not everyone, including me, has.
Unless your leather is too thick, your standard sewing machine is equipped with sharp leather sewing needles and leather feet. (
If you don\'t have leather feet, you can put clear tape on the bottom of the standard foot)
To sew the leather together, be sure to use the polyester thread as it is very strong, UV-resistant and often more difficult to break.
Since there is no fiber in the leather, you can\'t unlock it once you have a hole, so be careful.
To stitch your work together, a very useful trick is to use double sided tape to connect the two faces to each other, which prevents the work from sliding to each other because you can\'t hold them together
Once all the pieces are stitched together, you can pull out the double sided tape from the seams and have them sit well, flat/ready for the chain letter, you will use double sided tape to secure the seams in the open and in a peaceful position.
In order to make the armor, you have to draft a new pattern, and it is very important that you have to draft this pattern on your current costume, for the reason, if you put it directly on your mannequin, it won\'t fit on your costume, trust me, I made this mistake in the past, never again
After drawing the pattern on the top of the garment using paper or cardboard, cut some cracks to make the work level, and then transfer the pattern to the eva foam (yoga mats).
Eva foam is great for clothing because it is flexible and bonded with most adhesives, and most importantly, when heated with a hot gun, you can reinvent eva once it cools down, it will keep this shape.
Reinvent eva foam using a hot gun and glue everything in place as the pattern is drawn.
The hot glue works fine, but in general it gets a bit confusing, so if you can stick it together, then there\'s less cleaning up later.
When I decided not to seal and paint my foam armor anymore, I would stick the leather to the foam surface.
Bring your foam armor, a large pot of invisible adhesive (
Only good things)
Now, you can start positioning.
Once the leather is placed you can start applying the leather now and I prefer to stick it out from the middle so that if you have to stretch or bundle any leather, then all the leather will stretch evenly.
The last step is to attach your small buckle and put it away, unfortunately the buckles have to be stitched in place by hand, but with a little patience, with a thimble and pliers, everyone should come together soon.
In order to make the chain ring, you need to figure out how big the ring you want, I want a ring with a diameter of 12mm, made of a 2mm thick wire, giving the ring a 8mm hole.
In this case, you can simply take a 8mm pin from the local hardware store drill a 2.
There are 5mm holes at one end, put the other end of the pin into the drill bit, which gives you the ring manufacturer.
I went one step further and made a small fixture that allowed me to make coils that were very well packaged.
Once the coils are manufactured, there are two ways to cut them, one is to use a side cutting clamp and the other is a angle grinder, the side cutting knife is good, because this means that you can cut the ring anywhere you want, the downside is that it brings a bad gap to the ring, which can cause them to unlock each other.
The angle grinder means you can get very clean edges, which means your ring will lock well. . . . .
Unfortunately, I used pliers.
In order to make home link mail, there are many technologies. There are many good technologies on youtube. my technology is to connect 4 rings together by 1, repeat, then connect the bottom 2 rings of one group, the top 2 rings of the other group, create a longer set of chain mail, then repeat, repeat, and repeat.
The aluminum is soft and easy to form by hand because the steel is strong but takes a long time to form.
Once you get your chainmail suit and make it by size, you will need to attach it to the suit.
As some may know, video game armor is not designed to actually reproduce in real life, so the way I attach my chain letter is a bit hairy.
I connect my chain lock by threading through the seam of leather, bypassing the seam line and knotting for each individual link.
Hide the last detail of the stitching that holds the chain plate in place, if the leather is sewn inside, the plastic bundle or the corset is glued inside, and then folded over the chain plate, this will be permanently closed after manual stitching.
There are many different types of belts in this garment, all of which are warned, stretched, shaped, and are perfect for bullet-proof clothing. . .
It\'s hard to do this with straight straps in a short time, so this is how to get the same effect right away.
To complete this step, you need to make your costume and armor at this point, all the assembly, everything on the garment.
Use a single line masking tape to roughly indicate where you want your main belt to sit, and after that, use masking tape to simulate where the belt is sitting.
Once you place the tape, mark where the belt meets and carefully remove it from a piece of armor, seriously, it all has to fall off in a piece of clothing. . .
This is your pattern, don\'t break it.
After the tape is taken out, carefully stick the tape to a large piece of paper, which will create a more stable material for the next step of transferring l to leather.
Finally, the double sided tape is attached to your leather and cut off: there are two shoulder armor panels with very ridges in the game \"geralt.
Making these panels is very simple, the first step, making a base, the second step, covering it.
To make this building a good base shape, I intend to use pvc or polystyrene plastic. . . .
However, since I was neither, nor very impatient, I just cut an old crappy plastic storage box.
After cutting the pieces with a grinder, I cut the plastic into the final shape with a ruler and knife.
To reinvent this plastic, like eva armor, apply moderate heat with a hot gun and slowly re-shape into the desired shape.
The left shoulder is simple. it is a rectangular leather with 4 boarders.
There is an extra leather spot on the right shoulder, not much to sew, but it\'s a bit difficult to add a chain ring, unlike the main body, but stitching around the seam, and I have to sew the leather on the tip of the shoulder.
Making these shoulders I started with two basic eva foam cuts, and after remodeling with a hot gun I glued it gently to the cardboard base.
Using a plaster bandage, I made a very fast and cheap shoulder model that was later filled with polyester resin and fiberglass mats.
After removing the fiberglass from the plaster mold, wash it and cut it down, it\'s time to start drafting the leather panel at the top.
Put some sheet paper on the top, cut it into the right size, add the detail line, and after doing the seam treatment, it\'s time to cut it from the leather.
Usually the leather will stretch on the shoulder, but it will be covered by the chain letter due to my tight time (
Easiest to finish before gluing)
, It is easier to simply cut the edge of the leather and glue it down.
You need patience and precision in this part.
Use your shoulder straps and shoulder armour plastic and arrange them together as if they will sit on your armor chest.
Take the marker pen in hand and mark it on your plastic armor and leather, where they touch each other with \"x.
You will drill the plexiglass in these places and through these holes you will connect the plastic and leather together by simple hand stitching.
Now that you have done so, you can start fixing your leather/chain armor panel to your perspex shoulder.
It\'s easy to be one of my least favorite building parts as they take a long time and need to be sewn by hand.
Since I didn\'t have a fixed pattern for these gloves, I had to improvise, wrap my hand with tape, cut it open, spread it on paper and make my pattern.
Next, I cut my fingertips and sew them on my palm.
The rest is self-explanation, just follow my photo to do it.
This part is the second in-depth tutorial I will make later, however, you will need to make one if you need to make one at the same time;
Router, angle mill, jigsaw puzzle, wood, plexiglass, led strip, power supply, switch, primer, silver painting, glue, wire, soldering iron and dremel.
In general, you will make your sword shape, lay a slot on one side with the same thickness as your perspex, cutting your perspex to fit closely into the slot.
Next, pick up your led strips, install them inside your wooden blade and stick the perspex glue to the top.
As I said above, I\'m going to do a second more in-depth tutorial for these types of swords in the future, but for now, it\'s a rough idea and hopefully the photos are fairly self-explanatory.
Now, the usual practice is to buy a \"lace front wig \". . .
I ordered this from China and to my surprise it was not the lace front wig on the ad and I had to take option B due to the short time
Ricky, haha.
It takes some things for TssThis to succeed, a lot of bleach (
Specifically for hair)
Toner and gray hair gel.
If you decide to take this route, be sure to follow the specific product instructions.
The purpose of bleach is to remove the color of your hair. . .
But you end up with yellow-gold hair.
Once you look like delaco Malfoy, keep adding toner to your hair and do so until your hair turns white/silver if you don\'t, your hair will turn purple.
Hair cutting is optional.
Makeup is the last step and you need two things for that;
Some cat eye contact, and a scar face.
The easiest way is to clean the selected area with iso alcohol and then use a product called fire glue.
Once applied, the muslin will shrink as it dries, causing the skin to pull up and pile up like a real scar tissue, and another trick you can add is to give the skin a little purple and blue before hand, to add more effects.
All the work of the New Zealand world end Expo is done in time. . . . but only just.
I hope this will help anyone who wants to make their own witcher cosplay, please feel free to ask any questions you may have.
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