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Whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter,

by:Bless Garment     2020-07-15
Step #1 - Wardrobe elimination.Browse through each item in your wardrobe and analyze the items that you hardly wear and the pieces worn the most. Get rid of any item that is damaged or doesn't fit properly. If you have any items that are too big, consider getting them altered to fit. If not, eliminate them from your wardrobe closet. Step #2 - Determine what clothing items to store.Rather than store your bulky winter pieces (sweaters and coats) at the cleaners, you can have a wardrobe storage unit installed in your closet or you can store them in waterproof wardrobe boxes. You can use this same method when storing your lightweight summer wardrobe as well. Step #3 - Organize all hanging clothing pieces by color and type. For example, you can store dress shirts by color and length. Step #4 - Select the correct hanger. Rather than have a variety of hanger types (i.e. plastic, wire, or wood). Choosing one hanger will make your closet appear more organized. Step #5 - Create 3 wardrobe zones. Use a higher shelf for all of your sweaters and seasonal shoes. Then use a low rod to hold your skirts and tops. Use a high bar for suits and dress shirts. Companies like California Closets that provide closet organization in Stamford, CT is the perfect place to start. They offer a variety of closet solutions. Step #6 - Arrange all folded clothing. Avoid placing sweaters or stretchable fabrics on a hanger. Instead, fold them neatly over hangers. If you decide to place folded clothing items on a shelf, make sure that you place bulkier pieces at the bottom of the pile, and lighter clothes on top. You can also arrange your clothes by color and by function (gym wear, business attire, etc.). Step #7 - Purchase a garment bag. Use a garment bag to protect your jackets, suits and dresses. If you have any leather items, make sure you store them in a sturdy canvas garment bag to avoid drying or cracking. Step #8 - Decide on what clothes not to hang. Items such as socks, lingerie, undergarments and accessory items should be placed into matching containers. You can also use boxes to store smaller accessory items, such as hats, gloves and scarves. Well, there you have it, 8 simple steps to a well-organized closet and wardrobe. To find out more information on how to improve your closets contact California Closets at: 203.924.8444 or visit California Closets in California. California Closets offers garage storage systems in Darien, CT, storage for mudrooms in Wilton, CT, storage shelving in New Haven, CT and much more.
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