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When you go to the gym are you there to get some exercise

by:Bless Garment     2020-07-06
However, if you're like me and head to the gym because you're interested in better health & fitness and to get a smoking workout then you have come to the right place. I'm going to give you some helpful tips now about how to get that workout done without the distractions of the opposite sex distracting you by chatting you up or flat out hitting on you. # 1 Way to Avoid The Opposite Sex In The Gym? Wear an mp3 player!! That's right! Those little guys are a miracle excuse to conveniently not hear someone who's trying to chat. Just concentrate on your music and keep on working out. Or if they're right in your face talking and there's no way you can ignore it without being completely obvious, just point at your ear and make a little face like 'sorry can't hear you' and continue counting your reps. I have several friends that relies heavily on this technique to just keep on keeping on. Otherwise, they believe they'd be at the gym for hours chit chatting with everyone that recognizes them and wants to catch up. Okay, so what if someone has actually managed to distract you into a conversation that you're dying to get out of? The thing that works for me the best is to just say 'wow, I'm dying here, I really need a drink' then WALK AWAY. I'd say it's probably a good idea to walk straight to the fountain from there just to avoid any ruffled feathers if they watch you and see you're not going where you said you were and it becomes obvious that you just used an excuse. But, it is a great excuse to walk away without leaving the chatty one feeling slighted. What if you're at your piece of equipment counting your reps and someone just walks up and starts chatting to you right in the middle of your set? Well, I must admit that I think this is extremely rude and this behavior can safely be returned in kind. Just keep counting. They're interrupting you. Don't let them. Finish your set then tell them they've got 30 seconds while you rest between sets to say what they want to say. Then make it stick. At 30 seconds start your next set and start counting. Out loud. Chances are they'll get the drift. Okay, all this being said what if some absolutely stunning fox walks up to you and wants to work in with you on the equipment you're working on. Will it detract from your own workout if you're resting while they grind out a set? Probably not. So... don't be a fool!! For heaven's sakes, LET THEM!!! Have fun at the gym, but don't let that workout suffer!
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