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What we wear define who we are? Not only that,

by:Bless Garment     2020-05-25
One such type of fibre which is making a revolution in the cloth industry with its unique and exceptional features is Spandex or Elastane. This fabric has numerous applications across industries and is ideal companion for garments for Men, Women and Kids across age groups. This light weight, soft and durable fabric has exceptional stretch qualities which can expand up to 600% of its original size and spring back without losing its integrity. Whenever we choose our clothes we make sure that they are comfortable to wear and suits our body type, Spandex fibre provides extended durability, comfort and fit. This revolution fibre has numerous applications and versatility like hosiery, swimsuits, aerobic or exercise wear, ski pants, golf jackets, disposable diaper, waist bands, surgical hose, support hose, bicycle pants, foundation garments and the list is just endless. One such type of stretch fibre is Inviya, a world class spandex fibre produced in India with inherent qualities like versatility and durability. They are designed to create unique apparel and non-apparel products with different properties and characteristics. Inviya is a lightweight, soft and very stretchable fabric with exceptional elasticity that imparts any normal fabric a perfect fit and stretch, without diluting the comfort element. Inviya is a unique fibre that retains its power well during fabric processing like heat-set, dyeing, finishing etc...Inviya also known as the new freedom fibre has made a mark since its inception with its remarkable stretch and recovery properties. Clothes made using spandex prevent build-up of moisture and bacteria. It is also not prone to deterioration by body oils, perspiration, lotions and detergents. Now during your rigorous gyming and yoga sessions remain sweat free. With so many exceptional qualities truly this fabric has marked a revolution in the market. So next time you want to buy clothes for yourself apart from all the other reasons do keep in mind that this fashion fibre is built for generations now and also in the future to impart comfort, quality and durability all in one to all. Till then keep it stylish guys and make sure you look your best.
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