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what to wear - men\'s fall 08 style guide

by:Bless Garment     2020-03-04
It\'s a bittersweet thing to say goodbye to summer.
The wilting of the leaves brings the layering of the clothes, but fortunately for us, this fall\'s top trend challenges the autumn and winter seasons sometimes accompanied by fashion and decoration, vibrant colors and vibrant gold --oldies.
Luckily, you don\'t have to start throwing away the winter clothes you \'ve hidden.
The trend this season is the accent and they are here to help men do something they don\'t have a lot of opportunities to do: accessories.
Of course, there\'s nothing better than a good suit, but why does it have to end there?
Is it difficult to cross the line between classic masculinity and a little menswear performance?
Get ready to have a little fun in your wardrobe this fall without feeling like you\'re on the risk.
Trend 1: Grandpa and Nova
This is the degree of versatility before the suspen.
Try to match your sling with a nice white silk collar shirt this fall (
Poplins are great because they are durable and hard to wrinkle, which can help when the sling is pressed on your shirt all day long)
A tie and a pair of slim ties
Cut down the flannel or tweed pants and you can go to the office.
Or, if you want to take them to town for a try, skip the buttons and knots, and put on the fit casual pants and slim pants for a try
Cut hoodie in Cut io Armani fall men\'s wear collection.
Don\'t be ashamed to add a little color.
Adam Kimmel\'s collection features luxurious fire truck red straps and even woven leather straps on army fatigue pants in the DSquared2 series.
Trend 2: vibrant trousers rustic, black and white: Iconic colors of seasons that have existed since ancient times.
Any combination of shirts, pants and coats of these colors can be found in any man\'s closet (
They should, too.
Classic will never die)
But there is room for flexibility.
Mustard, sky blue, Moss, Violet, cadmium-
They all showed up, no-
Not only in formal shirts, but also in men\'s trousers.
Ralph Lauren and Paul Smith both explore the \"business-of-a-kind hybrid that everyone loves most-
Just \"look, maybe take another step forward.
Trailblazer, collar shirt and tie with very formal
Fitted, vibrant colored trousers add the most popular vitality to the golden old song.
If you are more inclined to the right side of the spectrum, make sure to design these colors with a looser color
Fitting pants, try with some laceup boots (
More about this article will be introduced later)
And a knitted jacket for fun, sports, skiinggear look.
Trend 3: Now, we don\'t really see the bow tie coming, but boy, it works!
The bow tie is a welcome respite for those who have 9 to 5 ties a day.
Finally, the bow tie is now free from the golden gown.
Hollywood era
This fall, the use of the bow tie completely got rid of the shackles of the suit coat, found home in a more casual environment.
Wear a cardigan and tie on the button
Shirt with collar and tapered trousers.
Make sure to add print or design to it, both above and below, for more multi-faceted execution.
Plaid/blanket and bow tie have become the perfect age of the seasoncouple.
End your appearance with a stylish dress shoe. If you\'re dead-
A pair of John Varvatos Converse shoes should look perfect in sneakers. Trend 4: LACE-UP BOOTS Lace-
In the runway series this fall, boots stepped on many cat steps.
It seems that designers have a direct understanding of lace.
Boots, but boots.
Cut out the pants!
Whether the boot is half the calf or above the ankle, make sure one thing: Show the laces.
Feel free to roll up your jeans to reveal the smooth and noticeable butter flavor of your boots and match them with a heavy lined coat or duster.
Or, taking a more complex route, Neil Barrett used the deadliest composure in his spy --
The game \"Tuxedo Ski\" series, where tuxedo remains intact and the perfect fit pants are hidden behind the boots.
Please note that do not go through the formal jacket.
Barrett\'s suggestion is to replace it with shiny rain --
Motorcycle jacket.
It seems to be dead for it.
If these pictures
The perfect Salvatore Ferragamo boots are too far away from you and check out Kenneth Cole\'s brown or black \"moon lift\" boots.
They have an astronaut.
Skater sneakers are lined with wool fabric in an almost Dr. Martin-style combat boot, looking at the bottom and end of the calf.
Trend 5: dark denim now the intense hot summer sun has started to dissipate and it is safe to wear dark denim again.
Almost none of Donna Karan\'s DKNY collection went off the runway wearing dark denim jeans.
Charcoal gray and opaque onyx Black, combined with a suit jacket, shirt and tie, gives a certain sense of sophistication.
It provides a certain amount of sleep without looking uncomfortable or being separated by too formal work pants.
But to offset the dramatic effects of these dark colors, be sure to offset your outfit with at least one brightly colored item, whether it\'s a scarf, a vest, or a belt.
Trend 6: this autumn and winter season, simple nylon and polyester will not be cut.
Instead, start looking for coats, pilot jackets, and even boots lined with sheep and fur.
Shearing wool is a beautifully dressed lamb fur skin that is very durable and very comfortable to wear during the fall and winter season, helping to keep you away from the oppressive snow and even helping to stay away from the wet spring rainy season during the winter season.
Because it is a lamb fur skin that has only been cut once, the appearance and feel of the cut wool are smooth and uninterrupted.
This is a very elegant texture;
However, the use is very wide.
If you\'re looking for an iconic wool-cut jacket this season, check out the amazing bomber jacket in jernia, especially the little calf patina-cut wool-lined bomber, the dress is worn on a pure wool work suit, hidden under the boot with the wool-cut lining. The high-
The Red Baron costume is a real shower.
It looks very stylish but has a perfect feeling of demure.
So, gentlemen, Dr.
A hat, a long coat of Shan, or a cut of wool
Lined Boots, one thing for sure: this season, keeping warm in shearling matches everything!
Trend 7: tuxedo shirts seem to be the dominant fashion etiquette of the season.
Sling, bow tie and tuxedo shirt shift from formal to casual
Sportswear continues to blur the limit line for men\'s wear.
Viktor & Rolf provides you with classic and beautiful dress shirts.
The stylish collection combines a refreshing, vibrant white shirt with a beautifully cut heather-
A pair of gray casual pants, but offset by a camel and a belt with a bone stripe.
This fall, the tux shirt has gone beyond its old style and entered an almost fashionable era --The field of style.
But, of course, don\'t think white is the only way out in order to match the fall mix genre and color-infused knockout.
Dolce & Gabbana and Salvatore Ferragamo deviate from the men\'s rule book to obtain their respective tuxedo shirts in thick gray stripes and metallic midnight blue.
Remember not to feel the need to combine the tuxedo shirt with the tuxedo pants.
Black skinny jeans or casual pants offer a perfect balance between less formal and less athletic.
Add a fitted jacket to the mixture, maybe even a Doudou, and you have a Telluride James Bond that works for you.
Trend 8: coats and jackets in Milan, Berlin, Los Angeles and New York, the exuberant coats and jackets that go down the runway highlight the focus.
The coat occupies the center of the stage, reducing the energy of the items that follow --
Keep the animation feeling of the collection, instead of exaggerating.
Full of gold, purple and camels
Suedes, Wall Street\'s sense of fashion will increase this fall.
Lined with wool in the jacket, the officer\'s coat is rejuvenated with epaulettes and asymmetrical cuts, adding some talent to the coat this season, A man wearing a work shirt and trousers will show his confidence in his style and manhood.
Trend 9: The Messenger bag leaves the suitcase at home for another, adding a little youth to the office commute with a canvas or leather handbag.
The suitcase became mysterious;
The messenger bag has begun to replace its main position.
Prada\'s bags have always been very popular, and naturally they also show double taste and delicacy.
For men, the popularity of Jack Spade\'s messenger bags has grown exponentially over the past two years.
They are compact, beautifully customized and come in wonderful plush colors.
If you\'re looking for something special, check out the highway pack located in New York City\'s Norita.
The leather and nylon bags on the highway have original textures, creative colors and excellent features, and the aesthetics and uniqueness of these brands are very affordable compared to the other two highly market-oriented brands.
Trend 10: TARTANS & PLAIDS Plaids and tartans are the most common trends in autumn, and since they never really disappear, it is easier for men to accept the boldness of these patterns.
Plaids is a very effective antidote against black and white winter, which is probably the most versatile tool a person uses to enliven a wardrobe.
Ties and scarves have always been the main accessories of these patterns, but try to kill two birds with a stone and look for some Plaid straps and even pants, as seen in the new music team collected by outsiders, it combines red and black plaid trousers with a crumpled blue silk collar shirt under the vest, and put on a big Musk hat.
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