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We stress our about money a lot in our lives.

by:Bless Garment     2020-07-16
Money is essential to living the life we think we want, and most people are striving to make more money. But because we are always looking to make more money, we forget to enjoy the present moment without the money that we expect will bring us joy. We are so busy chasing happiness that we forget to be happy! Sometimes you have to take a step back and stop needing the money so much, and start living. Money will come in the future whether you enjoy the present moment or not, so you might as well live in the moment and be happy in the now, instead of always waiting for the money to make you happy in the future. 5 Ways To Not Need So Much Money 1. Recognize What Abundance Really is To You What are you striving to get with the money? More family time, more vacations, more camping, more relaxation time...recognize the want behind the money. Now have it! The things you want behind the money can be done on a smaller scale that your dreams, but still be enjoyed just as much. You don't have to go to fancy islands to have a vacation. You can have a vacation in the next town and make the most of it! You don't have to have tons of money to enjoy your family, you can sit down and turn off the TV and talk to your family. There are ways to get more of what you want, that really makes you feel like you have it all, without waiting for the money to come. 2. Cut Back on Things You Don't Need Having too many 'things' in our lives, that cost money, is common nowadays. The craziest cell phone bill, memberships we don't use, games we don't play, clothes we don't wear, and the list goes on and on. We buy stuff we think we need and then never use it, or we end up not really needing it. Cut back on buying the things you don't really need and you will find that you form a habit of buying only things that you do need. You will no longer need that fancy artwork you saw on sale or that new kitchen gadget that does exactly what your knife can do. You will no longer be sold on advertisements and must-haves. And most importantly you will no longer need more money so that you can buy things you don't need! 3. Stop Paying To Exercise So many people have gym memberships or buy workout equipment that they don't end up using. Exercise can be accomplished without the gym. Our legs and arms work whether we are in a gym or outside. So choose the free option and start exercising your right to not pay for exercising. You can use many things in your house and outside as exercise equipment. Stairs can be turned into cardio machines. The floor can be used for push-ups. Heavy objects can be used as weights. The park bench can work your triceps by doing dips. You can get a great workout without having to pay for it. Stop needing money to pay for a membership you don't really need. 4. Love Doesn't Equal Gifts You may think that the way to show your partner, family, or friends love is to buy them stuff, treat them to dinner, and pay for expensive outings, but money doesn't equal love. You can have a great time with people and not spend an arm and a leg. I used to have a friend who thought quality time together was shopping, eating out, going to a movie, and then heading out to a bar. This got expensive and it was hard to keep up with that. In fact, I felt like the money I earned was so that I could enjoy my free time with my friend. Without money, do you have no free time? Of course not! You can still spend time with your loved ones without spending money AND enjoy their company and show them love. Money doesn't buy love, and it doesn't equal love, so stop needing money to show love. 5. Don't Compare Yourself to Others It's very easy to determine what you need in life based on what other people are getting in theirs. That's what companies depend on! They want you to see that other people are enjoying their new purchase and that the only way to be happy in life is if you purchase it as well! For example, if your neighbour gets a trampoline and you don't have one does this mean that you need one? No. Will you be a happier person if you get a trampoline that you never really needed before? No. Will you be less of a person if you don't have a trampoline? No. Will your neighbour think they are better than you? Who cares! Sometimes we compare our status in life to how much we have compared to others. We don't want to get left behind or have less than others people, and that's what causes us to buy stuff we don't really need. Stop making assumptions about your status in life by comparing what you have to others.
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