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by:Bless Garment     2020-07-13
The eighties era is one that seen fitness clothing become something that was worn as everyday casual wear and even party wear. Gym clothing was no longer associated with exercising and there was nothing more on trend than to wear bright neon colours, headbands, chunky trainers and of course a pair of leggings. Fitness wear was publicised and made stylish by celebrities such as Olivia Newton John, Jane Fonda's workout videos and many other chart hitting bands. Due to this association, many often believe that leggings are a garment that should be left in the past with that era. However, fashion garments frequently go through a product life cycle in which they will be in height of fashion and then perhaps ten years later they will be rejected by the younger society, but then another ten years later they will return to be on trend and fashionable again. Years ago leggings were probably seen as something only worn by children as they are comfortable and allow ease of movement. However, since the rise of printed and patterned garments, they have merged themselves into targeting all ages of women. Styles have developed over time, and although neon brights might not be to everybody's taste, leggings have developed other modern features such as wet look style or leather and most certainly a trend that never seems to go out of fashion which is animal print. The difference between leg wear being a trend in today's society to that of in the eighties era is how people wear them and what with. Today, leggings can be worn with almost anything. From dressing them up with sky high heels, a glamorous blouse and a chunky necklace, to wearing them with a hoody and ugg boots for warmth in the winter. Back in the eighties, neon brights were popular whereas today prints and patterns are of huge popularity. With everything from Aztec prints to galaxy prints and even American flag prints, leggings have definitely developed into a fast fashion garment. Prints come in and out of fashion frequently but what stays in fashion is the style of garment. It is clear to see that no matter what the season, leggings can be worn. Whether it rains or shines you can find the perfect pair to suit the season. Conclusively, it is clear to see that although a garment may have been created and come from a certain era, this is not to say it needs to reside there and will never come back into fashion. Fashion can be both a thing of the present but can also take a retrospective stance.
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