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There is absolutely no reason for men to fear

by:Bless Garment     2020-06-03
Although the general male population would never admit it, men actually care to a certain extent what women think of their clothes. One of the reasons why they avoid pink outfits and accessories is that they are wary of the impression it would make on the ladies. And though it is characteristic of a man to remain tight-lipped about it, he would love to have insight into what goes on in a woman's mind when she sees him wearing a pink necktie. Confident There is nothing more attractive than confidence. Most women think that men wearing pink-colored neckties are secure enough in their masculinity to break the gender norms attached to the color. Word from the wise, though one must actually be confident for this to work. Simply wearing a pink tie won't mean a thing if one doesn't have the strength of character within. Sensitive Another trait that women associate with pink ties is sensitivity. Women like men who have sensitive sides to them. There is a common thinking, though, that men would go through all the hoops just to avoid matters of the heart. By wearing a pink tie, they can show they are in touch with their emotions, and that they are not afraid to show it. Adventurous While pink is thought of as a delicate color, some women get the opposite vibe when they see guys in pink ties. They think these men are adventurous enough to make such a risky fashion decision. Even if pink generally looks good on almost any complexion, people are not used to seeing men in pink apparel that it exhibits a daring side on the part of its wearers. Sophisticated There is also a certain elegance brought by the color pink, especially on men who wear pieces of the same hue. Pink ties lend a certain polish and class to suits, provided that they are chosen correctly.
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