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The jury is still out on this one, but after attending

by:Bless Garment     2020-05-22
A popular look among attendees is the ever classic black. Whether it's the simple black dress, or a monochromatic outfit of black slacks and black shirt, black is everywhere. Buyers frequently attend these shows straight off the plane, and show up in rumpled business suits. Armani to J.C. Penny makes an appearance on the front lines where buyers congregate. The well dressed buyers tend to flock together, and there are many Italian cut suits present here as well. Sometimes it's even difficult to distinguish the buyers from the models, especially backstage or during the 'model mingle' part of the show. A lot of attendees will dress to go along with the flow of the show. Sporty fashion shows tend to turn up attendees who wear more casual, sporty wear. It's not uncommon to see yoga pants, or well put together track suits at these types of fashion shows. Jeans are popular, coupled with a nice shirt or perhaps for men, a shirt and tie with blazer. Simple dresses are popular among women as well, coupled with snazzy accessories or a hot pair of heels. For the more formal shows, like bridal fashion shows for example, the dress is much more elegant in keeping with the theme of the show. Updos, floor sweeping gowns, and jewels are not uncommon at these types of fashion shows. Women shine, their male light up a room, and they compliment the models in their undeniable beautiful wedding apparel or other formal wear. Professional fashion shows are a veritable cornucopia of fashion styles, both for the models as well as the attendees. There is an expectation of fashion among those who are modeling, and those who participate in this lifestyle. Even backstage, those who take care of the clothes, the models, their hair, and all of the other little details are often quite fashionable themselves. Sporting the newest designs, cutting edge hair styles, and being on the 'in' of the fashion world, many of the assistants are just as fashionable at their model counterparts. At more relaxed shows, those that are found in malls, or set up for seasonal style previews, the dress code is much more relaxed and casual. Since many attendees are not corporate buyers, those who do attend are often dressed like anyone else. Casual, easy wear abounds here. On the stage, models strut their stuff with the new season's styles, while their counterparts backstage aren't nearly as nicely dressed. Even the models who work these shows aren't always 'high fashion,' rather; they're breaking into the industry by paying their dues at mall shows. Their style reflects whatever the designer puts on them.
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