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The Japanese martial art called Aikido has been

by:Bless Garment     2020-06-22
If you plan to enroll in Aikido classes soon, here are some hints and tip for beginners that will be every useful and helpful. The moves and techniques may be overwhelming so it is good to come prepared. It is important that before the start of classes, you do some stretching exercises. It is always recommended that before embarking on any physical or strenuous activity that you do some stretching to prepare the body. Take the time to stretch to prevent any injuries and to be able to follow the moves that will be taught. As a beginner, when it is your turn on the mat, always start on your weak side. This means that you train your body to know which way to start so as you do not get confused. You also get to develop this side so you can strengthen it and make improvements on that side. Remember to step and turn on the balls of your feet. When you make a step, make the ball of the foot make contact first followed by the heel. By using the balls of your feet, it gives you more balance and makes it easier to move and change directions. Another tip is to move to the left with your left and move to your right with your right. This just means that when you move to the direction of your left side, move your left foot first. The same goes when you move to your right. Aside from these tips for physical preparation, it is also important that you know the proper clothing that you wear when going to class. Make sure that you wear loose and comfortable clothing. As much as possible, wear long shorts or exercise pants to protect your knees. Be sure to take off all jewelry and accessories before you start stretching and going on the mat. Any of these can get snagged and may cause injury to yourself or classmates. Make sure that your nails both on the fingers and toes are short because these too can cause scratches and the like to your sparring partner. It is best to go to gym near your area so you will not have reasons not to attend classes. If you are in Sydney, go online and use the keywords like Aikido North Sydney to be more specific. It is easier to go to and from the gym if it is near you. Hurry and enroll to enjoy all the benefits.
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