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Teenage boys can easily deflate a shopping trip

by:Bless Garment     2020-06-10
1. Discuss the Importance of Brand Names Designer labels are one of the biggest expenses that you'll run into when shopping for teenage boys. This is going to cost a lot more than generic designs. One area where you'll run into this problem is basketball and athletic shoes. Talk to your teen before you go shopping. Set a budget. You can allow for a few of the more important brand names and then cut expenses with basic jeans and tee shirts. The teenager may opt to go with fewer items but a higher quality. You should also mix and match popular brands in case one goes out of style. 2. Pick a Neutral Color Palette Neutral color palettes ensure that everything coordinates and is masculine. These colors include black, gray and white. Then you can mix in red, blue or green with a basic pair of khakis or jeans. Even brighter colors of t-shirts can have basic white or tan lettering. 3. Find Statement Pieces During the teenage years the clothes will really vary from group to group. This could be denim shirts for cowboys or black plaid for punks. Your teenager will let you know what style is popular with their group of friends and this ensures that the wardrobe makes a statement without standing out too much. 4. Be Practical When you shop for teenagers consider durability and make sure that it's easy to clean. You'll also need to think about changes in the weather. T-shirts are a wardrobe staple in boys' attire but you also need to find cool styles for winter months. This includes hoodies with team logos or soft fleece jackets. You can also mix in more sophisticated sweaters as long as it's machine washable. Keep it simple with a solid color and crew neck style. 5. Design Your Own Styles This allows your teenager to unleash their creativity or just get a specific color palette. You can find this option on everything from canvas tennis shoes to t-shirts. It can be more expensive than just buying ready made options but it's a chance to coin a catchphrase or show off artwork. 6. Mix and Match Casual and Sophisticated Styles For a teen boy most of the clothes will be casual with knit or denim fabrics. You can also include softer flannel shirts for winter. Make sure that your teen has at least one pair of pants and a dress shirt. This can be in a trendy teal or emerald green color. Look for button down shirts that don't require a tie so your teenager will actually wear it. Even a pair of corduroys or khakis is dressier than jeans. If your teen insists on jeans then go with a black variety that doesn't have a lot of tears or fading. Upgrade the shoes to simple loafers instead of tennis shoes. To find Converse promo codes or promo codes, visit
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