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Street wear is a fashion that is mainly used to

by:Bless Garment     2020-06-30
For any young person who is in this dilemma, there is an alternative which will still allow them to wear affordable and trendy street wear. The alternative is making your own street wear especially T-shirts as they are the easiest to make. Steps to creating your own street wear T-shirt Homemade street wear T-shirts are fun to make and affordable, allowing you to make customized ones for yourself and a friends too. First you will need to do a lot of research online on the different types of ways you can express yourself on your T-shirt. Some examples are graffiti, photographs, drawings, symbols or just simple writings. Secondly, you need a plain T-shirt to work on, preferably white in color because it is easier to work on. The T-shirt should also be of quality material so that your chosen mode of expression will come out well. Thirdly, choose your T-shirt design. This design idea will help you have a pretty good idea of what you want the end result to look like. For example, to make a graffiti T-shirt at home, all you need is fabric markers, paint brushes and paint. Place the your white T-shirt on a flat surface and begin painting your shirt with the colors that you have chosen. Make sure the colors you have chosen stand out from the white colored T-shirt. After you have finished painting out the graffiti, let the design dry out completely to avoid smudging. When the design dries out, use the fabric markers to draw out the graffiti style you had chosen on your T-shirt, and then allow the ink to dry and set. Do not move it to avoid staining. Finally, set it out in a ventilated area to diffuse the paint and marker fumes. Graffiti is the easiest T-shirt design that you can make at home. Now you have a street wear T-shirt that portrays your personality, and all your friends will be asking where you got it from. Allforstreet Offers a wide-range of streetwear t shirts, hip hop t shirts, t-shirt streetwear, hip hop, urban wear. Delivery T-shirt streetwear, t shirts hip hop, streetwear tee shirt in 48 H.
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