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Skinny ties are making a comeback, and with a

by:Bless Garment     2020-06-03
The skinny tie is said to have made its first appearance in the 20's stayed around for a while and then came back again in the 1980's only to reappear again now to accessorize several gentlemen's attire. Skinny ties have also found favor with fashion conscious women. Skinny ties come in different styles and color and everyone can find one that will match their comfort levels and their own taste. The sleek and slender skinny tie has something very distinctive about it and perks up the dressing sense of an individual. The fashion oriented individual and the younger man and woman find the skinny tie to be an interesting fashion accessory. Although men who are tall and slim look good with a skinny tie, there is no rule saying that others cannot experiment with it. Even women do not wear skinny ties as official attire, but the fashion conscious woman would wear this thin tie for a party or a red carpet event. The skinny tie need not be worn only with formal clothing, infact most prefer to wear it with jeans, plaid shirts and a jacket. The look is very casual and free. The knot tied is also casual and laid back, the knots are non-symmetrical, loose and most of the time has crinkles Skinny ties for women are a little bit different than the ones that are made for men. Most designers alter men's ties so that they can add it to their women's collection. The women's ties are a little shorter than the men's; this makes sure that they adjust to the right length after the knot is tied. Skinny ties come in a range of materials, you can choose from exotic leathers to silks etc. A skinny tie teams up well with a suit that is well fitted and of the latest designs. Try wearing it with a suit from the past and you will only end up spoiling the entire look. The suit should infact complement the tie and show it off to the fullest. You can buy skinny ties from any fashion store, or even an online fashion website. Choose one that is of the latest style, choosing ones with solid colors is always a best bet. Skinny ties look great on tall and slender people. However if you want to know how a skinny tie looks on you then you should try it out before buying it.
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