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Since belly dance outfits are available in a variety

by:Bless Garment     2020-05-20
Type of Occasion The price of belly dance outfits should ideally depend on the type of costumes used. The decoration of the outfit will vary with the occasion and the venue where the dance is performed. A professional dancer performing in an Arabic restaurant with a niche audience will wear different types of outfits from the ones dancing just to have fun in a dance party consisting of loving friends and family. The former dancer needs lavish outfits which will entice and impress the elite audience. But the latter can get away with normal belly dance outfits for sale which is not very expensive. The Total Ensemble The belly dance outfits consist of a top half, a bottom half and an item to be used like a belt across the hips. Some people tend to ignore this pattern for the outfit and get rid of the bottom half which adds a vulgar tinge to the entire show. This act does not help earn any respect for the belly dancers. Hence, it is always advisable to follow the dress code and have all the three items in your outfit. The upper half is called the bra and together with the belt, it is called a bedlah. The belt of the belly dance outfits, UK, can be a separate item or also an extension of the bra. However, if you have a separate belt, you can change the belt many times, thus adding a different look to the outfit. The Bottom Half The bottom half of the belly dance outfits can be made in many ways. The most common among them is the harem pants which are voluminous and cover the entire leg and are again gathered at the ankle. You can also opt for the figure-hugging yoga pants. Many people prefer the long skirt which is sensuously fitted and has a slit in front to expose one leg. The fabric used is usually silk or chiffon. This skirt also can be very conservatively made falling to the ankles. The lower half is worn much below the waistline to emphasize the swaying of the hips during belly dancing. All these items can either be very expensive or cheap belly dance outfits. The Upper Half The top half of the belly dance outfits catches the maximum attention. You can also find variations of the item and can also use your own creativity to add to the decoration after purchasing it. If you want to keep the cost low and the decoration minimum, you can go for the exercise bra. You can make changes in the item to make it resemble more like the outfit you desire. A choli top is also preferred by many people, which has a lot of embellishments. It bares the midriff and is also backless with a few strings to secure it. A tank top can also be worn which will give you a more conservative outfit. There are designs to fit every kind of budget.
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