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by:Bless Garment     2020-06-24
We believe Indian Woman should wear Saris like bridal jewellry as women's pride & inheritance. The History of Indian clothing trace the Sari back to the Indus Valley Civilization (2800 -1800 BC) Sari wear goes with elegancy glamours, even for seductive object. For booking our Sari drapists & stylists for your events, please contact IMA. Email us to, How to wear Indian Sari? Many International Models and even many NRI Indian girls of IMA frequently are asking us the same questions. So we come up with our services & solution with to give you workshops, demonstrations, classes how to drape Saree in artistic way. You can wear saree at least in 500 styles. Saree Draping styles are kind of Arts. Our Sari Drapists and Stylists will teach you how to wear saree in a glamorous, provocative, seductive but elegance styles. In Indian Arts Industry, Sari draping/styling is another art and talent what is mastered by our Sari Stylist talents of , a sister network of, Over the years, Internationally in fashion industry & amongst celebrities, super models & famous women, Sari (saree) is recognized as Sophisticated, Elegant and Seductive Fashion wear. Our Stylists' creativity of the ways of draping Saree gives you simple lessons & saree workshops just to say 'Sari Easy to wear'... We have a long list of clients from Fashion Industry to Glamour Industry and International Business people, and NRI clientele who are interesting in our services, workshops, demonstrations, and did show vital interest to work with our Saree Stylists from IMA. Our Sari stylist can work for sari styles/draping with Hollywood Bollywood Celebrities, Models, Super Models, Catwalk Models for Fashion Shows, Young Indian girls, NRI Clients for Weddings. believes draping/Sari styling is just another Art, but easy to learn Art what could be done within 2 days. We are open to work with all the Glamour, Fashion & Film Industries in the world, and for business people over the globe.
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