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Salisbury students sport yoga pants in protest

by:Bless Garment     2019-12-25
On Friday, several students from a high school in Salisbury wore yoga pants to protest against the school\'s new dress policy. Officials at J. M. A.
Armstrong High School had asked students to think twice before wearing leggings and yoga pants.
But students like Haley Lajoie say they don\'t like people telling them what to wear and they want the school to reconsider the policy.
\"I think it\'s a bit silly,\" said Lajoie, grade 12 . \".
\"They said we shouldn\'t do this because it emphasizes certain inappropriate places,\" she said . \".
Grade 11 student Kennedy Selva told CBC News: \"There is an announcement that all leggings, yoga pants and tights are very tight and exposed, no matter how much you pay for them, we are not allowed to wear any more.
\"News spread through social media, many students wear them at school on Friday.
\"All the girls are dressed.
As you can see, there are even some people wearing them, \"said Selva.
The 12 th grade student, Zach Dryden, wore a so-
Called Morphsuit-a full-
Body set made of elastic fiber.
\"I\'m closest to tights or yoga pants,\" he said . \".
Bill Robinson, the school\'s principal, believes that this is not a ban, just a reminder to students to wear leggings and yoga pants appropriately.
Lajoie admits that some of her classmates don\'t fit in pants.
Their underwear is either too tight or too thin.
\"Men always say, \'Oh, look at the girls, they\'re wearing yoga pants, \'she said. \'.
\"This is one of the biggest reasons why we can\'t do this because a lot of people realize that they are distracting and they do show a lot.
\"Some people don\'t wear long shirts, they only wear tight trousers, and you can see through them sometimes,\" Selwah added . \".
Students interviewed by CBC News said they thought the students should be dealt with separately.
In the whole province, when problems arise, it is handled by various schools.
Community engagement Carol Murphy
The coordinator of the English East School District said that the school has never had the intention to limit the freedom of students.
\"Every dress has the right place.
Students are just encouraged to consider gym sportswear for the gym.
\"Dressing for success in the classroom is like we dress appropriately for work,\" she said . \".
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