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ripped jeans, crop tops… plus eight other clothing items that will instantly make you look cheap, according to snobby ‘affluence’ coach

by:Bless Garment     2019-12-19
Confession time: we have lost the number of ordinary white T-
We hid our shirts and broken jeans in our closet at home.
However, according to the online \"rich\" coach, the two key components of our daily uniforms have actually kept us looking \"cheap \".
Well-off school founder Anna Bay shared a comprehensive list of her worst fashion pets
She believes that it is a troublesome thing for all of us to pack bags for 0. 1 billion millionaires.
In the YouTube video, there are 10 elegant ladies that never wear, and Anna claims the jeans are broken
Shirts and sportswear will make your whole look cheap
And will stop all of us from entering \"high\"society\".
* Crying * According to this fashion expert, wearing sportswear when you don\'t exercise is one of the biggest fashion \"mistakes\" you can make.
Whether you like to do things in comfortable running leggings or hang out at home wearing yoga gear, Anna moans: \"They are not people in everyday life.
\"People just get so lazy.
They don\'t want to wear the right clothes, do their hair and look very representative.
\"No elegant lady will wear sportswear when she is not exercising. . .
Charged with guilt.
Instead, Anna suggests investing in a black and white pair of \"stylish and chic\" pants.
Okay, so they might be angry all the time in enough places.
But, Anna says, the bandage dress is another fashion item that won\'t be cut.
\"If there is a lot of cleavage, a lot of legs,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s a very image, you just show everything.
The expert also claims that even wealthy women can\'t get rid of the look because it \"lowers her appearance\" and it\'s a \"big one\" for anyone who really wants to be a real lady
We love them when we go up, and now we still love them --
But the expert believes that the top of the crop is only a \"teenager \".
\"They are not elegant ladies,\" she said . \"
Looks cheap.
People like to wear leggings or jeans.
Nothing is very stylish, luxurious or wealthy, which explains why I don\'t like it.
She added: \"Also, it tends to show a little skin, not necessarily in a flattering place for everyone.
\"So if you want to be elegant, it\'s very important to stay away from the top of the crop.
\"Hey, if it\'s good enough for Bella Hadid, then it\'s enough for us.
As if we haven\'t come out of something at the top of the crop yet, Anna also claims that the \"childish\" print is another thing worth staying away from.
Aim at the strange things we collect and Star Wars T-
Anna said: \"All these clothes look childish and don\'t make a lady look like a lady.
\"I personally don\'t think there is any appeal to this dress.
But people are different and cultures are different.
Just hug and be a lady because it\'s fun too. \" U okay, hun?
Just when we thought she was not doing well.
Anna also ruled out our entire wardrobe.
The shirt is the \"right\" everyday item. Huh?
\"It\'s not appropriate to wear a T-shirt.
\"Wear a shirt in the office or when you go out,\" she argued . \". \"T-
The shirt is leisurely and casual.
I would say, maybe it might be OK as a family dress, depending on T-shirt.
\"In addition, Anna also claimed that T-
Shirts are only good if you \"dig in the garden\" or \"move. She added: \"If you want to be elegant, look good if you want to wear well, stay away from jeans and T-shirts
The mentality of the shirt, because it is too casual, not fashionable, will not improve your grade.
\"We don\'t know about you, but we will give this opportunity.
Now, for the true dagger in our hearts: in Anna\'s view, torn jeans are a complete fashion faux pas.
She moaned, \"who invented the jeans dress? . . Question. Why?
\"It\'s not complicated. It looks tacky. It looks cheap.
Looks terrible.
\"Talking about an assassination.
However, the expert did bring it back and added: \"It doesn\'t matter if this is your style.
But personally, if you want to be sophisticated
Ripped jeans are not in this category.
\"They are the ultimate staple of our summer season --
But even our beloved blue denim shorts are not safe from Anna\'s list.
But if you really can\'t stand breaking up with them, the \"rich\" coach suggests investing in a pair of white ones to boost your look.
She said: \"I think the white color in jeans always looks more delicate than the blue color of jeans.
\"So if you can\'t let go of your jeans, then at least put on the white ones.
It will definitely make you look more expensive.
\"From the age of 16, is there anyone else still hanging on the same black Topshop handbag? Just us?
According to Anna, our well
Favorite accessories \"belong to cement factory \".
She said: \"The bag of a woman is everything.
\"But if you have a bag that looks pretty shabby, it will lower your overall look no matter how much it is designer or spent.
\"Even if it\'s a designer bag, it won\'t help you anything. So let it go.
Don\'t wear bags that look shabby.
Dress in bags that look new or at least take good care.
\"Life becomes another bag once it expires.
\"This is probably our favorite fashion inspiration for ten years --
But if you want to look elegant, then it\'s time to collect your 90 + chocolates and colorful tights.
\"Elegant ladies don\'t wear such clothes because they are not elegant.
They look shabby, childish and cheap.
\"It doesn\'t look rich, it doesn\'t belong to the upper class even if it\'s a very hot trend.
\"Well, we can at least understand that.
Even we can never find our motivation.
\"Elegant ladies don\'t walk out of the house in crumpled clothes,\" Anna said . \".
\"Please get a tattoo on your arm as I still see this happening a lot.
\"I think people are just lazy and you can\'t be lazy anymore when you want to be sophisticated and elegant.
You really have to strengthen your game.
\"The video was originally uploaded in August 18 and has been viewed nearly 2 million times.
Although many users agree with Anna\'s list, others think that elegant ladies can still mix their wardrobes together.
One person replied: \"One day I will wear pink and elegant clothes, and the next day I will wear jeans with holes.
Just love switching style!
Others joked: \"No one took my Spongebob pajamas ! \"! !
The third wrote: \"I appreciate her passion for her point of view, but it is a pity that it is very good judgment for me.
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