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Proto Man Costume

by:Bless Garment     2019-12-24
This year, after discussing this with my sons, we decided to continue wearing the Mega Man theme dress.
My youngest wanted to wear a giant costume, and my oldest wanted to help me make a prototype costume.
I think it should be easy because they are very similar.
I can make improvements along the way using my experience on Mega Man clothing.
The only thing I won\'t change is the end result.
I think the fabric (
Cotton in this case)
The packaged components make the cartoon/video game look very real.
This is another lengthy note, so I\'ll break it down like this: 1. Shield2. Helmet3. Proto Buster4. Boots5.
Gloves and wrist guards.
There are multiple pages for each component.
The shield is very different from the giant costume.
I want to do something with it.
One of them is, of course, original re-creation.
Next, I want my son to be quite comfortable with his back for a few hours.
I also think it\'s a great place to collect all his goodies.
To find the right material, I spent a lot of time creating what I wanted.
I have some direct thoughts on the shield and the result is very good.
I need a big thing made of heavy plastic with a curve on it.
The first thing I think of is a trash can.
But I was lucky that they didn\'t make so many smooth surface cans.
I got their smallest trash can.
Although it is a bit expensive, it is worth it because it is perfect.
Material: brutal garbage can for paper tape plastic epoxy sand paper tool: scissors after getting all the material I need, I made a template with a roll of brown paper.
I took a large piece of paper and folded it twice.
Once along the vertical length, the second time along the horizontal length (
Like paper snowflakes).
I drew a line that would make up a shield of 1/4 and cut it.
Expand it and have a complete shield template.
Then I put the template on the trash can.
Because I want the shield to be concave in both horizontal and vertical directions (
Because the trash can is not high enough to put the shield in one piece)
, I cut out the shield with a 1/2 template.
What I need to figure out is that there needs to be a curve on the bottom side of the triangle.
So I added an inch to the bottom line and then made a curved line on the side of the shield.
After marking the same template on both sides of the jar, I cut them out with a hole saw.
The reason I used it was that it was cut very well, very fast and allowed me to do a curved cut.
Then I cut a band that is almost the length of the widest horizontal line on the shield.
This is the adhesive strip where I will stick the two shields together.
Then polish all the edges, but they don\'t have to be clean.
Get all the burrs on.
There is sand at the bottom of the triangle (
Where will the two pieces of the shield meet.
Also polish the surface of the adhesive strip.
The combination of plastic epoxy resin with rough surface is better than smooth.
A hole was dug in one of the two blocks for the lookout.
I used the tool knife because I needed a clean line.
I have to be careful not to go too hard or I will cut too much.
It\'s not a big deal because it shouldn\'t affect the final product.
To attach the pieces, make sure the drying time is 5 minutes, so you are ready.
Create a stand that keeps the shield stable.
I grabbed both sides with some scrap wood.
The top and bottom are raised slightly to form a concave surface.
When you mix the epoxy resin together and apply it freely on two Shield and adhesive strips.
Because it\'s a long joint, you only have 5 minutes, so work fast.
My son needs a way to save this.
The shield will hold his candy and he will probably take it with him for hours.
Because of this, I wanted to give him some options on how to carry it.
Material: black PVC (
I think these are for irrigation)
PVC elbowsSand paper-plastic epoxy tool: sawn wood cut the following parts and put them together as shown in the figure and glue.
Make sure you rough all surfaces with sandpaper before connecting.
This enables him to pass any arm through the left or right side of the handle and grab the other side (
Arm in horizontal position).
Or he can simply hold the crossbar between the two handles (
Arm in vertical position).
The shield is white as a whole, and there are some red decorations around the lookout holes and edges.
The idea here is to cover the edge of my messy shield and also make it child friendly.
Copper pipe insulation is the core of the outer edge and the gap insulation around the outlook hole.
Material: copper pipe insulation (
The smallest I can find.
Gap/window insulation tool: scissors use scissors to cut the gap insulation into half length so you have a round foam of 1/2.
Then cut 4 pieces and put it outside the outlook hole.
Don\'t forget 45 corners.
For the outside edge, I used a long pipe insulation material.
The length of the thing I picked up was shortened and it just needed a little tear to open it all the way.
This cut allows you to easily apply it to the outer edge of the shield.
I pushed the pipe to where it was cut.
I started with the top of the shield and cut an angle on the insulation.
Then wrap it around the edge.
I cut the bottom corner a bit so the foam is more appropriate.
Then cut another angle at the top so the sides meet correctly.
I find that after I do this, the edges will only really fit in one way (
I can\'t turn it around)
Because the angle will not be aligned.
This is good, just something to remember.
For all skin of this building XXXL to xl t-
Shirt was used.
I can get very cheap shirts, cheaper than fabric from craft shops.
Again, given the resilient tolerant nature of the fabric and the lovely fluffy look you see at the end, this is ideal in this building.
Material: XXXL white T-Red T-shirt
ShirtRed threaded fabric glue spray 3 m Super 77 multipurpose glue Spray tool: scissors Fabric Glue spray if you make a template for the trash can you can use it as a template for white t-shirt.
Cut it off and spray it with glue.
Spray the inner side edge of the shield and the edge of the fabric.
Make it a little tacky and then apply the white fabric to the shield base.
Spray outlook windows and edges from inside (
Since the fabric covers outlook holes, this is a great way to apply the adhesive without worrying about overspraying).
Next, cut the fabric from the outside that covers the outlook hole.
With a slender \"X\" or \">-
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