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Nowadays, many gyms offer spas, saunas, and steam

by:Bless Garment     2020-06-10
If you are also a new gym user with all these questions, just relax! The sauna, steam and spa are all tools to help your mind and body relax. All you need to remember is the basic cycle that says: Heat - Cool - Rest - Repeat. Given below are few basic tips on how to prepare yourself before a sauna: What to wear? The sauna is a place for relaxation. First of all you should change your gym outfits and switch on to something that is more comfortable. Although taking sauna baths naked is the best option, you can also wear underwear, towels, swimsuit, or even a dedicated sauna uniform. One thing to remember is that a brand new swimsuit is likely to lose color and elasticity due to heat in the sauna and therefore it is recommended to wear an older one Clean Yourself. It is very important to clean your skin of dirt, sweat, chemicals, makeup and perfumes before you enter sauna, steam room or hot tub. If any of these items are left in the skin before you enter the sauna, it may cause a smelly skin in the heat of the sauna. Also, the heat of the sauna will open the pores of your body and these chemicals may travel into your blood stream through these open pores. Wipe Yourself Dry If you don't dry yourself properly after shower, it will leave a film of water on your body. This film acts as a good insulator and it will slow down the process of your body's heating and will not start sweating easily.Heat Now it is the time to enter the sauna room. In the sauna room, the lower benches are less hot as compared to the upper ones. You will find that many people prefer lying down on the bench as it helps in even heating of all the body parts. However, remember to sit or lie down only on a towel. If you are wearing any slippers or sandals to the sauna room, leave them on the floor so that they stay cool. When you feel that your body had enough heat and you are uncomfortable, listen to your body and leave the sauna room immediately. If you were lying down, take a minute sitting before you stand up so that your body gets time to equalize your blood pressure.Cool Down When you leave the sauna, you will be able to feel the warmth throughout your body. Your heart rate might be accelerated and you may be sweating. You can cool yourself rapidly by taking a cold shower or jumping into the cold pool. However, if you want to cool slowly, you can take a warm shower or wrap yourself in a robe or trowel letting the heat slowly come out of your body.
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