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mum blasts plus-size clothing brand who used stick-thin models to advertise knickers by stretching them out

by:Bless Garment     2020-02-26
An angry mother slammed a plus sign
After she was \"disguised\" by the thin model they used, she made a promotion in the clothing store and stretched out their clothes.
After you want to buy plus-
Kristen Russell-underwear
24 yards in the United States [UK size 28]-
She said she met an online clothing store called \"Super Big Baby\", which is said to be dedicated to serving larger women. The 31-year-old mum-of-
A woman from Falls City, NE, said she was excited about the prospect of being able to buy plus
Underwear of online size
But she claims she was \"shocked and disgusted\" after seeing how the company promoted their outfits \".
Instead of using plus-
The online store took photos of petite models wearing bigger clothes --
Although the costume is too big for their frame.
The models then held out their clothes with their hands to show the real size.
In a photo used to promote a pair of black leggings, the model even squeezed her entire body into a trouser leg.
Kristin, restaurant owner, said: \"I \'ve never heard of this company before, but one day, after one of their ads appeared on Twitter, I stumbled across their website.
She continued: \"I want to buy some pretty underwear and I prefer to buy it online because it\'s hard to find a good plus --
Underwear in the store.
\"I saw a picture of one of their sticks --
A thin model in a pair of underwear, she stretched it as far as possible with her hand.
\"I think it must be a mistake,\" she continued.
I don\'t think anyone will advertise like this.
\"But the site is full of them and they just get more offensive when you keep looking.
This makes me feel bad about myself.
\"I honestly don\'t know why they chose to advertise like this.
I don\'t know if they are just embarrassed to have a larger person wear their clothes.
\"This is not helpful at all.
I can\'t actually see how the dress will fit except for the unpleasant.
\"When you order online, all you need to do is see how that dress works for others so you can imagine what it will look like on you.
She said: \"But you can\'t compare when they advertise in this way.
This is impossible.
\"The cherry on it was when they put a girl in a trouser leg.
This is too strange, too demeaning.
After being \"deeply offended\" by the company\'s ads, Christine decided to share her thoughts online in an emotional Facebook post-shocked after it quickly went viral, in less than 48 hours, more than 40,000 likes and shares were received.
On their website, \"Queen size baby\" claims to support all women and encourages women of all sizes to \"be proud\" of their body \"--
Even gave why it was plus-The size is \"cool.
\"I have some friends who want to share, so I decided to share instead of message them,\" she said.
\"I never thought the post would be so hot.
But obviously, how many shares are there, a lot of people feel the same way as me.
\"You don\'t see the clothing that plus advertises for petite women --
A large woman who can\'t wear clothes.
This is meaningless.
\"I really just want the company to take these comments seriously and consider changing their website.
\"No matter what size you are, you want to feel sexy when buying underwear.
But unfortunately their website didn\'t make me feel good.
\"We have contacted \'plus Size baby\' for comments.
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