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Moving can be both, an exciting and a stressful

by:Bless Garment     2020-05-26
Whether you have booked Moovers to help you out or you are doing it all on your own there are different things that can cause injury to you. The first and most common injury comes from lifting boxes, even if you are not moving yourself there is a good chance you will still be lifting boxes at some point. The best thing to do is make sure no boxes are heavier than 50lbs, if they are do not try lifting them on your own, especially if you have a distance to go, try renting a dolly to do the work for you. Also, I know you have heard it before, do not lift with your back, it is always best to squat down and lift with your entire body, this is key to preventing back injuries. If renting a van and moving yourself be sure to park the vehicle as close to the door as possible and in the clearest pathway, avoiding cracks in the sidewalk if possible. If you have stairs you want to make sure they have been cleaned off, no toys or objects you can slip on, if it rained the night before try sprinkling sand on the stairs for extra grip. Dress the part! I always laugh a little to myself when I see a mom running around after her toddler in the playground wearing stilettos and a mini skirt. Personally, that attire is for an evening out, a toddler's day at the playground the mom should be wearing sneakers and yoga pants, or something else she can easily run after him in. With that being said, keep the heels, flip flops, baggy clothes, and skinny jeans for after the move, you should wear sneakers or work boots, you need shoes that have a good grip on the bottom. And for clothes, you will need something you can walk, bend, and lift in; it needs to be comfortable and reasonable. Now maybe none of this really matters to you because you have booked Moovers, well, injury can still happen, especially when cleaning the house. I know I have used the excuse when I was pregnant to my husband, 'I can't clean it honey, I might get hurt', well, it can be true, there are possible injuries when taking on such a large cleaning job. When cleaning footboards, floors and stairs, do not bend with your back, it is easy to do, and it may not hurt while you are doing it, this is something you will pay for after. When cleaning anything down low either sit on the floor or squat with your legs, do not bend over for long periods of time, this will put too much strain on your back. Also, when cleaning the bathroom; the bathroom can be a very wet room to clean, keep good sneakers on and don't risk standing on the edge of the tub, sink, or toilet, trying to reach those spots without the right stools is just not worth the risk. Enjoy your move and keep it safe!
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