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Maxi dresses are incredibly versatile items of

by:Bless Garment     2020-06-29
Whatever your style and the occasion, you should be able to easily find a maxi dress to suit Depending on your shape and height, different types of maxi dress will suit you better. If you are on the petite side then be careful with your choice of maxi dress as you want to avoid being swamped by the fabric. An empire-waist style that flows away from your body is not a good choice as a flowing skirt can make you seem shorter and sometimes wider than you are. If you are short, it is best to opt for dresses that are more fitted than flowing. Go for simple form-fitting styles that accentuate your waist and don't have too much excess material which creates added volume. You could also wear high heels to help create the illusion of length. This also helps to create a slimmer silhouette. If you are wider around the waist area then maxi dresses can help you to disguise this. The main tip is to draw attention to your top half so opt for a dress that is fitted at the bust or waist with a slight flow at the bottom. A-line dresses are a great choice for curvier shapes since they don't cling in the wrong places and offer room without making you look larger than you actually are. When it comes to patterns, large striking prints and bold colours are the best choice for heavier women. Light colours and small prints should be avoided since they can add width and depth but they are ideal for smaller ladies. If you have a larger bust then a halter neck style can give you support and flatter your figure. Maxi dresses make a fashion statement on their own so let the dress be the centrepiece. You can add a few pieces of jewellery and shoes and otherwise, let the dress do the talking. If the weather is slightly chilly then you could easily pair a maxi dress with a basic cardigan. One of the defining features of the maxi dress is flexibility and depending on accessories and footwear, you can make a maxi dress casual or formal. For a casual look, team your maxi dress with sandals or flip flops and for a more formal night-time look, wear some espadrilles or high-heeled sandals. Whatever the occasion, a maxi dress does not tend to look as good with closed toe shoes so free your feet and wear your maxi dress with style.
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