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Marena Everyday Active Wear is yet another superior

by:Bless Garment     2020-06-18
In 1996, Dr. William Kraemer released his study based on the performance of over a thousand athletic individuals ranging from those who worked out at a gym occasionally to Olympic participants. His research revealed that shorts, which were made up of twice as much Lycra as that used in exercise shorts of the standard variety boosted the wearer's energy and performance. The differences, he found, were significant, accounting for around 12% enhanced power and performance for men and as much as 30% in the case of women. Professional football teams such as the Washington Redskins and San Francisco 49ers wear these shorts. The Active Wear product range includes leggings, exercise shorts, exercise capris, mini shorts and sports bras. All these products are manufactured from Marena's F5 certified fabric, ComfortWeave, which is superior to other compression material. Its unique three way stretch provides support at all levels and high elasticity results in a more comfortable wearing experience. With Marena Everyday Active Wear products, the wearer sees instant results and can look forward to real benefits over the long term. Users find themselves looking instantly slim and shapely without feeling uncomfortable. What is it that makes Marena Everyday Active Wear the preferred choice of customers across the US? These products are the result of scientific research and development, intensive laboratory testing and clinical analysis. Lycrasoft and Tactel fibers, certified to be the most superior textile fibers with regards to performance and comfort, combine in Marena's ComfortWeave fabric to offer optimum compression without sacrificing comfort. In a series of laboratory tests, the fabric has tested better than other alternatives in the industry on all relevant parameters such as compression, flexibility, stretch, comfort, durability, wicking and moisture absorption. Wearing Marena Everyday Active Wear garments regularly for a minimum number of hours can yield positive physiological results; wearers have found themselves feeling more energetic and have benefited from improved blood circulation. The fabric is also proven to reduce cellulite appearance. Under amour is an apt description of these garments if one goes by the experiences of exercise enthusiasts who don Active Wear regularly. These garments are physically empowering; numerous wearers have reported better power and performance. This is due in part to a higher proportion of Lycra in the fabric, which causes muscles to vibrate less frequently. With lower vibration, muscles do not tire as easily thereby making the wearer feel more energetic. Thus, Marena Active Wear empowers users to deliver significantly higher performance. Exercisers are able to pack more power into their routines without feeling sore. Another reason why men and women prefer Marena Everyday Active Wear for workouts is the fabric's inbuilt moisture absorption and anti microbial capabilities, which are known to be unmatched in the compression garments category. The fabric is designed to absorb perspiration away from skin to the outer surface of the garment and release it into the atmosphere. This keeps the garment dry and cool over the duration of the workout. Also, anti bacterial properties are built into the fabric thereby offering more comprehensive and continuous protection against mold, microbes and mildew, thereby inhibiting the formation of odor. Wearers feel more comfortable and confident because the garments stay fresh and clean as long as they are worn. Whatever your exercise routine, Marena has an Active Wear product just right for you. Active Wear garments come in exercise capris, exercise shorts, leggings, mini shorts and sports bras. Each one of these is made of F5 certified fabric and scientifically designed to deliver optimal performance and comfort. They look good too and many first time buyers find themselves going back for more. Fashionable and functional, Marena Everyday leggings combine well with most outfits and can be worn outside the gym and exercise track. They'll make your legs look slim and shapely and they are great with tanks, minis, baggy knit tops and even with a favorite old dress. You will love the exercise capris not just for their sleek and stylish looks but because they provide excellent support for all your demanding workouts. Whether you are at the gym, on the track or out on country trails, these capris offer superb all directional support and maximum comfort. They are great for long bike rides, cross country runs and uphill walks. The Marena Everyday exercise shorts are ideal for calisthenics. They support you all the way on every turn, twist, stretch and move. These chic shorts come with nifty stripes, which make you look slim and shapely. They are very tough and offer optimal moisture management and stretch over long periods and the most rigorous training routines. Regular wear over the long term can reduce cellulite appearance. The classy and tough mini-shorts come with a six-inch inseam, which makes them ideal for biking, tennis, softball and field hockey. These shorts are designed to withstand arduous exercise sessions and rigorous washing. They look great and you can wear them with baggy shirts and tunics or under dresses and pants. The supple and very stylish sports bra is versatile enough to be worn alone or under your trendy tops and shirts. This hard working bra slims, shapes and provides support where required. It is designed to move with you and is easy on your curves. The high racer back enhances support. Once you wear this, you will notice instant results. It looks so sleek and feels so supportive that it is likely to become one of your wardrobe must - haves. Marena Everyday Active Wear offers you a hard to beat combination of power, performance, comfort, durability and style. Wear one and see and feel the difference. -ENDS Word count: 1006, including title Reena Ghosh, 2009
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