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It is amazing how taller you can make yourself

by:Bless Garment     2020-07-10
1. Vertical Stripes Make You Look Leaner and Taller What you wear has a significant effect on your height. Vertical stripes, by very nature, make you look slimmer and taller. The vertical stripes act like an optical illusion that makes your torso look longer. Therefore, when picking up shirts or pants, buy striped patterns and pinstripes. Not only will you look fashionable, you will also look taller and leaner. 2. Solid Colors Make Your Torso Appear Longer When dressing up, make an attempt to wear solid colors (if not following the above vertical stripes rule). Solid colored pants and shirts, preferably in the same color, do not attract attention to your mid section, unlike patterned shirts/trousers. Thus, the mid section line that divides your torso and your lower body gets blurred, giving the optical illusion of a longer body. An all black ensemble works wonders in this regard. 3. Short Hair Makes Your Neck Appear Longer Longer hair obscures the distance between the base of your neck and your chin, making you look fatter and shorter. If you are of a short stature, it is advised to keep your hair clipped short. It will make you look neat and tidy, as well as taller. 4. Wearing Shoes With Heels Will Add Inches to Your Height The proper shoes can add anything from half an inch to two to your height. For obvious reasons, if you are short, avoid shoes with flat soles. Instead, opt for dress shoes with a heel of one and a quarter to one and a half inch. If picking up sneakers, go for the popular Nike Shox model - it has a sole almost one and a half inch thick. At the same time, avoid shoes that have overtly thick heels. These will draw unflattering attention to your height. 5. Proper Headwear Can Add an Inch to Your Height Are you fond of wearing hats? Maybe you can channel Johnny Depp and carry off a Panama hat with panache. If you can, then good for you, for a nice hat can add almost an inch to your perceived height. But not all hats are built the same way. Baseball hats will do nothing for your height, neither will too close-fitting skull caps. Fedora hats, Army hats, Spencer hats, etc. are good hats to choose if you want to look taller. Learn how to increase your height through height increasing exercises.
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