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Is saree the entire new outfit for you? Are you

by:Bless Garment     2020-06-29
A beautifully draped saree expresses simplicity, showcases traditional values, signifies beauty of women and makes her look sensuous. On the contrary, an inelegantly draped saree would affect the appearance and make you look clumsy. So it is very much important to understand the style of draping saree. As a beginner you need to start with typical Bengali style of draping saree in an elegant way. Before beginning with the procedure of wearing saree, here are some ingredients that you need to possess like petticoat (underskirt) with lace attached to it which must be tightly ties near your waist line and blouse (choli) with front or back button. Your blouse must be in a proper fitting as this would add to the get up of your saree and you can also give different cuts, shapes, print, bedded work, etc your saree. Also be ready with your foot wear as it is important to drape saree after wearing sandals so that length of saree remains constant. Follow the latest trend while stitching blouse and petticoat as this would add more to your saree. Being your first approach, here are six steps that would assist you in learning saree draping: Holding saree: Once done with wearing petticoat and blouse your next step would be to learn the way of holding saree. But before this it would be easy to learn if you stand in front of mirror. Hold the upper end of the saree and front facing of the saree must be towards mirror. Tucking saree: Then tuck the saree for one complete round from right hand side to left hand side. Leave another corner of the saree towards the floor itself. Preparing pleats: Now you need to prepare pleats of equal size of around five inches, depending on your height and broadness of saree. Pleats must be started from the end where you have tucked in saree. Direction of pleats and its way of tucking: Prepare eight to ten pleats and give them left facing. Now tuck it exactly down to your umbilical to your waist petticoat, but see to it that length of saree remains long itself. Pleats tucked by you must elegantly fall in an even manner. Fixing pallu (flowing part towards left end): Again take right to left turn and tuck the plain end side of saree to your petticoat and place the pallu towards your left shoulder. Pleats of pallu if needed: Again if you want your pallu to remain stiff and not fall then give some pleats to it and tuck it with safety pin. After following this procedure you are now ready with your elegant look in a traditional Indian wear. Now how to wear saree won't be problematic question for you. See to it that you neatly drape saree and it is essential to be confident while wearing saree as it showcases pride of women. Don't get tensed if you are not able to perfectly drape in first attempt as 'the more you practice, the more you would get perfect'. SakhiIndia.Com is the First how to wear saree Portal in India with Interactive Salwar Kameez shop. Get more information on the Silk Sarees from this website
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