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I recently watched a film on how women can wear

by:Bless Garment     2020-07-06
Now stockings are something you might see in a museum. They have been replaced with panty hose. Can you imagine a less piece of sexy garment than panty hose. Truly they were made for convenience and not sex appeal. The women of this world wanted to be able to get dressed faster for work and they got their wish in panty hose. But let us face the truth. Women dress sexy if they ever do dress sexy only on their boyfriend's birthday. Not on their husband's birthday mind you but perhaps their boyfriend's birthday. Why dress up for the husband he has to stay no matter what. Oh you might see a garter belt in a lingerie ad but that is about it. Women stopped dressing with sex appeal in mind long before garter belt videos were available on the internet. If you are too young to remember this but women actually wore dresses to work, to the super market and even to school. I remember when I was in elementary school and junior high school teachers would wear dresses. Now some of my female teachers I wished would have worn pant suits all the time but let me tell you there were a few teachers who made going to class a real treat just to see the dress they would be wearing and how high above the knee it was cut. Today however you can go to the ball game, the post office, or the market and all you see is women in slacks, pant suits, or blue jeans... No dresses to be seen. Why is this? Why no dresses let alone garter belts? The most obvious answer is convenience. It is easier to put on a pair of pants. It is easier to wash and iron a pair of slacks. And it is easier sit down with slacks and not worry about the dress rising up or have a concern about modesty. By the way if you are a Brit when I say pants I am referring to trousers. I know the Brits use the word pants for underwear. I am not saying women are now walking around in their underwear only. The trouser wearing female however is a result of the 1970's women's lib movement when bra burning was the craze. Women is that rebellious time went onto college campuses and threw there bras into burning trash cans. If you notice though most of these women were wearing dresses. And they were pretty short dresses at that. Kind of like the ones my teachers in junior high wore. But later these women outside the camera view must have burned their dresses too. Because there are sure no more women wearing sexy short dresses let alone garter belts where I live. ------ Garter belts are now in style and easy to get! You will find all of the hosiery you need to add a distinct look to your wardrobe choices at
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