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I came into Boston 2 or 3 years ago. I came into

by:Bless Garment     2020-06-18
The church's brass loses its own color. It is green now because of oxygen. This town is similar with other towns. But there is a huge difference. The difference is that there are two thick and white lines. In fact, best runners run in these two thick lines. Sometimes women can run along the two lines. There is a surprising thing. I see 6 people who also stand near these two lines. Actually they came here to express their tribute to this race. Finally, runners come to Boston and they all feel anxious. All things are ready and we can not do more exercises. Furthermore, participators always are anxious and they can not sleep well before the race. They have many dreams at night and wake up in the early morning. I meet a participator who attends this Marathon game. His friend and he live in the same room. Before the game, he can not sleep well and wake up at three. When he wakes up, his friend is doing exercises. He is trying to relax and to keep a good condition. I also know a participator who is very special and anxious. In 1076's Marathon game, he performed in a wrong way. He came to Boston Square. When the sun rose, he ran for 6 miles. At last, we can see the whole sun. The restaurants offer pancakes for the runners who participate in Marathon game. At half past eight, runners come to Hopkinton by car. In Hopkinton, participators have a medical examination. It is very cursory. Therefore the government abolished this item because people do not regard it carefully. During the race, runners must report their arrivals in middle school's gym. There they can get one number and four pins. The gym is full of noise and clamor. Moreover, we can smell the taste of pine oil. In peacetime, they often have physical training with their scruffy clothes. However, if they take part in Marathon game, they will wear the best bib and tucker. The short trousers and pretty hair bands are necessary for those runners. In addition, they often choose their new nylon gym suits. According to their suits, people can know which clubs the runners belong to. Before the game, we can see many reporters. They wait for the excellent performance of runners. Near the starting line, there are many good runners. There are also many common players. Some informal participators also run with others. Certainly some people like running slowly and then run after those competitors. In conclusion, we should feel the pleasure that Marathon brings to us.
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