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How to maintain yoga clothes

by:Bless Garment     2021-01-17

1. Just buy it, don’t wear it immediately, wash it again, dry it in the sun, and then wear it, because usually the clothes will get sundries during the production process. If the sundries contain chemical substances, they may be exposed to the human body. Cause skin allergies, etc.

2. When washing yoga clothes, you find that there is a fading situation, pay attention to care, otherwise, every time you wash it, the color will become lighter and lighter and look very old.

3. Daily cleaning of yoga clothes is best by hand. If there is no free time, put it in the washing machine. It is best to separate it from other clothes, or separate dark and light colored clothes to avoid staining.

4. Yoga clothes are more expensive to buy, and the signs indicate that they cannot be washed. When washing, pay more attention to it. Try not to wash it yourself. Take it to a clothes dryer for washing.
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