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How to choose sports underwear?

by:Bless Garment     2021-01-21

1. Look at the design of the shoulder strap

  Because sports underwear is generally only worn during exercise, the stability of the shoulder strap is very important. If the shoulder strap suddenly slips off during exercise, then other aspects will not make any sense. Therefore, generally good quality sports underwear will design the back shoulder strap into I-shaped or U-shaped to strengthen the fixing effect. In addition, the shoulder straps will also be designed with widened or double shoulder straps, which can not only prevent sliding, but also increase the underwear. Lifting intensity.

2. Look at the material of the fabric

   Sports underwear must have good breathability and sweat absorption, because we sweat a lot when we exercise. Therefore, good quality sports underwear generally uses pure cotton as the lining. Its advantages are comfortable and breathable, strong water absorption, and no stimulation to the chest. In addition, in order to enhance the elasticity of the underwear, good sports underwear will also use nylon as the fabric. , Its advantages are light weight, good elasticity and recovery.

3. See whether the underwear has steel support

   We know that most of the underwear we wear usually has underwire protection design, but the choice of sports underwear is the opposite. We'd better choose the kind of sports bra without underwire. The reason is that when we are in constant exercise, the steel ring will increase the sense of restraint on the body, and even affect the completion of some exercises, thereby affecting the quality and effect of the exercise.

4. Look at the size of underwear

Sports underwear is a type of underwear, so you must choose the size that suits you. Before buying sports underwear, it is best to measure the size of your upper chest with a ruler, and choose the corresponding sports underwear according to the size of the bust. In addition, it is best when shopping. Learn more about the size of underwear from the business, so as not to buy inappropriate underwear.
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