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How many employees in Bless Gym Wear?
Dongguan Bless Garment Co., Ltd. has established an entire management system that is comprised of different departments. Specifically, the amount of employees in R&D, sale and service divisions constitutes about 80 percent of the total. All employees are essential to achieving the goals. The number of employees might be raised, depending on business development.

Bless Gym Wear excels at developing, manufacturing, and marketing camo leggings. We win market recognization by virtue of quality products. The yoga top series is one of the main products of Bless Gym Wear. This product has not only insulating, moisture absorbing and temperature compensating effects, but also the ability to adapt to body temperature. To ensure the overall quality of gym tank tops, it is effective to establish the quality awareness in Bless. The product is highly resistant to chemical liquid, such as decolorizer, alkali, inorganic acid, etc.

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