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How do you choose yoga clothes

by:Bless Garment     2021-01-19
1. Yoga clothes are adequately supported and covered

When wearing yoga clothes, don't wrap them tightly, but the clothes can cover the body and move together without slipping. It will not prevent you from opening and contracting your chest and abdomen during breathing exercises, but also ensures that your beautiful breasts will not stand out during down-dog or standing asana exercises.

2. Avoid yoga clothes with zippers or decorations

Many yoga clothes are designed with a small zippered pocket on the back waist, which is used to store small things such as locker keys, and sports bras also have a buckle design on the back. Try to avoid wearing such clothing to practice yoga. Many yoga asanas require you to lie down with your entire back close to the ground. At this time, any protrusions will make you feel uncomfortable and even bruise.

3. Selection of hot yoga clothes

Hot yoga will sweat more than those who practice at room temperature, so in addition to the above requirements, there is a very important point for clothing: quick drying. Fabrics containing cotton will sink and sag after being wet, resulting in poor elasticity. Avoid solid-colored and light-colored clothes, as they are more likely to become transparent when wet. Don't wear pants that are too short. Although they are cool and comfortable, many stretchy fabrics will move up when wet, making them easier to run out.
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