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Grab an eye bright color, the momentum of the special

by:Bless Garment     2020-07-13
Louise Roe likes orange dress and wear Cambridge Satchel Bag very much. Black stockings and leopard grain water boots, just imagine the situation when you see this beauty I think your eyeful is jumping and incomparable color balance. Dressed like meat as assistant to keep people afraid of the cold, but a lot like Katherine hagrid (Katherine Heigl), as the few tie-in personality, white coarse grained cotton lint scarf, upper body white short money down, down, dark trousers, white embossed on feet in boots waist, was quite common attire, single shoulder on the side, bright orange hand bag, all show chao taste. Nikki Hilton (Nicky Hilton) with a cool female image appears, is still a few years of Alexander McQueen red scarf skeleton, upper body black leather motorcycle, down to render old black pants, the foot wear black ring card ankle boots, Chanel and red rhombohedrons case grain satchel adds more bouncing feeling at the costly, let black costume became cheerful. Jessica Alba (Jessica Alba) mix build the work force of nature without saying, rich administrative levels sense through the different length, color, texture clothes reflect, gradual change color to ChongDieShi dozen appear eyes scarf, upper body white inside take unlined upper garment + black cardigan, coat is gray parka, brown and gray pants in the black + Prada waist boots, black and white ash the classical collocation of Jimmy Choo under light color apricot hand bag, administrative levels feeling reflect the end. Movement is necessary, and keep the grab an eye If wearing a the most no characteristic sportswear? Nicole Richie (Nicole Richie) for you demonstrate how to leave the gym rob mirror. Dark blue even cap unlined upper garment, Nike tight seven points and shorts, Nike sneakers on feet, but, key for ku a Balenciaga zebra bag, the sight of it all was the zebra bag attracted. Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton) in the most ordinary variegated dark green, sport suit, grid cap, feet to wear black coat of paint sports shoes, Paris Hilton under the same pale green hand bag. Low-key the elegant color and concise square outline convenient easy to ride, visible handbags as long as big, can be any ordinary dress grace. OL white-collar, modern easy to ride -Eva Longoria (Eva Longoria) is elegant woman flavour representative, is a the most common white shirt cultivate one's morality, down the dark jeans, the foot wear pink fisher saliva Taiwan high heels, can show a lithe and graceful curve. Here is the hand bag, light color iPad OL women have to copy the LOOK. Catherine Zeta Jones (Catherine Zeta-Jones) this body of professional dress up is our usual in office building of deep V-see white shirt, jacket dark grey suit suits, and Hermes red embossed platinum bag broken is the balance of the boring black, to bring a bit light color. Pastoral romance, lovely decoding Camille Guaty use bud go up the princess is quiet route, white hollow out bud silk unlined upper garment, private parts purple hollow out budding filar socks, black tassel boots on feet, foil is the camel's hair tassel bag, timethe affection leisurely, romantic iraqis, bud silk and tassel truly was a good sisters ah. Reese Witherspoon (Reese Witherspoon) red beautiful snow spins skirt and gray cardigan, and typically have little girl's tender feelings, outside a long black cardigan coat. All it make Cambridge satchel generous and cute.
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