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focus-selling with the enemy: why rival retailers embrace

by:Bless Garment     2019-12-12
Update of Amazon comments in paragraph 10)
April 9, Madrid/New York, Sonia Dorset and Melissa Farres (Reuters)-
Chico\'s FAS Inc. warned in January that it would close at least 250 stores of its brand of the same name, as well as the White House Black Market and the Soma label. But the U. S.
Women\'s clothing chain is expanding different stores-its Chico\'s-
Brand micro website on Amazon. com Inc .
The world\'s largest online retailer now sells 23 million Chico\'s-style, wrinkle-proof
Proof of the fine pants-
Chico told Reuters that the number of knitted sweaters was nearly six times as high as it was when it began in last May.
While this growth should attract any retailer, Chico is one of the growing apparel brands.
From Nike and Armour to Land\' End and Levi Strauss & Co, brands are distributing clothing and accessories directly through Amazon.
Attracted by more than 100 million members of Amazon loyalty club Prime and its advanced delivery network.
According to interviews with retailers and industry analysts, if Amazon uses real-
Time data for customer purchases to help it quickly build its own brand clothing brand and eventually steal market share from current retail partners.
Kate Delhagen said: \"From the brand point of view, this is the most commonly used word for Amazon and retailers, and to some extent it is also\" frenemy \", an independent retail consultant, former senior director of global digital business development for Nike.
She was involved in Nike\'s decision-making process with Amazon, but left Nike shortly before the deal was finalized in July 2017.
For graphics, click on the retailer\'s concerns, the European Commission has launched a preliminary antitrust investigation into Amazon, and whether it is possible to \"get competitive sensitive information about competitor products, the information can be used to promote their own retail activities at the expense of a party seller in the third market, said an EU spokesman.
The company told Reuters that it does not use data from individual sellers to give advantage to its private label products.
It rejected the early
Phase survey, or how many private label clothing brands it has, and how fast it can produce new brands.
A spokesman pointed out that Amazon\'s own-brand products account for about 1% of its total retail sales.
\"Our private brand complements the excellent products offered by our sales partners,\" she said . \".
A spokeswoman for Nike said Nike\'s business with Amazon continues to perform well, but the company\'s approach is wider than Amazon\'s and continues to engage with some digital markets.
To be sold through Amazon, Chico and other clothing retailers can sell products to Amazon in traditional wholesale relationships or directly to consumers as third parties
Party merchants pay a 17% referral fee for clothing and accessories sold.
Retailers pay Amazon extra to store and ship orders in Amazon fulfillment mode.
Amazon\'s former director, Mike pazac, told Reuters that Amazon has set a goal to become a leader in the apparel sector for about a decade and has invested heavily in the sector.
The company has recently stepped up sales of its own-brand clothing.
In early 2019, it had 109 of its own brands in the categories of clothing, shoes and jewelry, more than five
According to TJI, it doubled in two years.
George Nahra, senior vice president of strategy, business development and international at Chico, said: \"This is something we are aware of and understand the risks,\" the company regularly sends executives to Seattle to review the growth of Amazon\'s business.
From Brazil to China, Wal-Mart has surpassed the fashion market around the world.
It has introduced the concept of Prime Wardrobe, allowing Prime members to order clothing for free in the US, UK and Japan.
The online giant sponsors fashion week in the US, Mexico, Japan and India, and has fashion photography studios in New York, London, Tokyo and New Delhi.
Is the patron of the British Fashion Association.
After the turmoil in consumer habits led to the collapse of thousands of small clothing stores, Amazon has replaced Wal-Mart as the most
Clothing retailers shopping in the United States, according to a core Research survey.
In the UK, Amazon has surpassed the mark and Spencer Group to become the most popular company.
Shopping apparel retailers, according to a survey by HSBC.
Amazon Prime member Abby Kidd bought a $80 silver brand jeans when he first used the Prime Wardrobe service.
\"I suspect that as long as Amazon continues to expand their options, I will go somewhere else to look for jeans,\" said the 35-year-old. year-
The old private tutor in port Oak, Washington, is also shopping at Macy\'s and the Maui chain.
More than a year ago, American classic clothing retailer Landes turned to Amazon, when the company sought to increase sales after exiting its former boss, Sears.
\"If we don\'t pay attention and pay attention to where the customer is going, we will be stuck in the sand with the head of the ostrich,\" e-
Business of land\' End, established as mail in 1960order business.
In last February, Landes began selling core items such as cashmere shirts and down jackets on Amazon as part of its strategy to expand from troubled Sears stores, where it has lost
Landes\'s main swimwear collection competes with the coastal blue swimwear private label on Amazon\'s website.
Both Chico and lands terminals declined to disclose the percentage they sold through Amazon, but said the platform was a useful customer acquisition tool that would not keep customers away from their own electronicscommerce sites.
One complaint from retailers is that selling on Amazon loses the direct customer relationship they get from their own website or store.
\"You don\'t know where your customers come from, you don\'t know what they click on as soon as they get to the site,\" said Melanie Travis, founder of the high-end swimwear brand Andie, he had spoken to Amazon but decided not to sell on the platform.
Others are happy with the limited data they get from Amazon.
For example, the senior vice president of chicra said that Chico\'s products are sufficient to mail catalogues to new Amazon customers.
Aldo, a Canadian footwear retailer, has deepened its 10-
This year, a year-long relationship with Amazon\'s wholesale model, the company said the results received more information, such as the basket composition of customers who bought OLDO products on Amazon.
This allows it to adjust its product accordingly.
The insights shared by Amazon can influence how retailers design their collections, Aldo said.
The company\'s products compete with The shoe private brand The Fix on The Amazon platform.
\"By selling to Amazon instead of through Amazon, you get an interesting partnership,\" says Justin Cohen, senior director of e-commerce.
Business in Aldo North America.
\"We are just beginning to get back into this relationship. \"(
Fares for Sonia Dorset and Melissa as described in this report;
Edited by Vanessa O\'Connell and Edward Tobin)
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