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feature-sex robots: perverted or practical in fight against sex trafficking?

by:Bless Garment     2019-12-06
Lin Taylor, Barcelona, July 20 (
Thomson Reuters Foundation-
In the sunny hilly suburb of Barcelona, Spanish scientist Sergi Santos proudly looks at five plump women sitting around the living room in small shorts and vests.
Lin Taylor, Barcelona, July 20 (
Thomson Reuters Foundation-
In the sunny hilly suburb of Barcelona, Spanish scientist Sergi Santos proudly looks at five plump women sitting around the living room in small shorts and vests.
But looking closely, it\'s clear that they\'re not women, but silicone sex dolls with wigs and artificial brains, which Santos thinks will not only make him money, it may also be used to combat sex trade for brothels and help.
\"Hi Samantha,\" Santos opened one of his dolls and said . \".
\"I\'m here, what\'s the matter,\" replied the robot, whose bright blue eyes stared at something like a cable plugged into the neck charging the computer processor in the \"brain.
Artificial intelligence (AI)
Is entering the global market, has brought a robot \"sexual Technology\" revolution, aimshuman touch.
But the arrival of sex robots has caused a disagreement.
Inventors like Santos believe that they have the potential to replace prostitutes, reduce sexual transactions and help lonely people, while critics argue that they are objectifying women and normalising the culture of gender discrimination and rape.
Santos, 39, founded Synthea Amatus in 2015, and his goal is to start selling his sex robots for the next few weeks, about $2,000 each.
\"I\'m ready. I hope you\'re ready.
I love being with you, forever, \"big-
When santos\'s wife, Maritsa Kissamitaki, worked at the desk in their home office, the breasted robot replied.
Like Santos and robot experts from the United States. S. -
Abyss-based creation is becoming the first person in the world to bring sex robots.
Talk and respond to touch through artificial intelligence technology
Consumer market.
Sex robots for big companies like Abyss Creations will start at about $10,000 depending on the extra cost.
Experts say more and more people
Just as robots have raised complex issues that decision makers and the public should consider --
Including whether such means should be encouraged for sex offenders or persons with disabilities to curb prostitution and sexual trafficking.
Robot brothels in London
Artificial intelligence-based researcher David Levy predicts in his 2007 book, Love and Sex with robots, that by 2050 humans will have sex, fall in love, and even marry robots.
\"I don\'t think it\'s wrong to use sex robots to provide sexual satisfaction to people who can\'t achieve satisfaction in their relationships with others.
It\'s much better for lonely and miserable people than not having sex, \"he said.
\"Sex robots just offer an alternative.
\"As technology advances, brothels in cities around the world will be equipped with robotic prostitutes, just like most consumer electronics such as laptops and mobile phones, the cost of sex robots will drop,\" Levy said.
It will be cheaper than paying for human prostitutes.
He believes that with the stigma of having sex with robots disappearing, robot technology could disrupt the sex trade industry.
\"The emergence of sex robots may reduce the popularity of sex with sex workers.
\"If this will have that effect, it will also reduce sex trading,\" Levy told Thomson Reuters Foundation . \".
\"I don\'t see anyone getting hurt by having sex with a robot, so I think the idea of a robot brothel should not only be legal, but should be encouraged in order to reduce sex trading.
\"According to Australia\'s 46 million all-Ball Slavery Index, nearly 2016 people worldwide live as slaves, are forced to work, sell for sex, are trapped in debt bondage or are born in slavery
Free walk Foundation based on rights groups.
Having a sex robot can reduce the number of prostitutes, which will help combat sex trade, Santos said.
\"I think it is clear that you should be trafficking in people ? \"no.
Therefore, we should stop this practice and let people spend their money on dolls . \"
Power and control however, ethicist and founder of the anti-sex robot movement Catherine Richardson does not agree that sex robots will deal with the sex robot, but says they will be another \"menu next to the human prostitute\"
She said that comparing prostitutes with robots is inhuman, and there is also a problem with sexual objectifying women through sex dolls.
\"I don\'t think sex robots will reduce sex transactions.
This will be another option on the menu of a business market that has been distorted and inhuman, \"says Richardson, a scholar at the University of dermonford, who has been working on robots for more than a decade.
\"There\'s something more sinister going on in sex trading about how you control and dominate another person --
The joy you get from rape
Sex dolls and robots can even be dangerous, Richardson says, and they are used to act as agents of fantasies such as rape or pedophile.
\"Give a doll to someone who wants to rape a child and fantasize about a hole he can penetrate. . . dangerous.
\"It is absolutely irresponsible to promote this idea in a wider society,\" she said . \".
The British Salvation Army, which supports sex trade survivors, said it opposes the use of sex robots because it rewards people to exert control over others.
Kathy Taylor of the charity anti-Taylor said: \"People who are trafficked are seen as a commodity, and we don\'t think sex with robots will reduce this . \"
Trafficking in Persons and modern slavery.
\"The reason some people buy sex is because it can be a motivation in itself.
If you can buy a robot, wouldn\'t that make this twisted power normal \", but Santos, who aims to develop a male robot, says sex robots have the potential to benefit society --
From helping gay and bisexual people, to preventing sexually transmitted diseases, to advances in artificial intelligence technology.
\"Technology is always like this: people are against it and people support it.
But in the end, if you develop technology in the right way, you will always bring a lot of benefits to people . \"(
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