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dubai promises a rollicking ride in world’s largest indoor theme park

by:Bless Garment     2019-12-07
The world\'s largest indoor theme park featuring Marvel and Cartoon Networks
Brand rides are open to the public in the Middle East tourist center, Dubai, the latest of many new attractions.
The first tourists in the park were distributed on a vast expanse of land.
5 million square feet, reflecting the different crowds visiting Dubai and living in the city, which has the highest skyscrapers in the world, the largest shopping mall in the Middle East and a man --
Islands in the shape of palm trees are dotted with luxury hotels.
Saudi women dressed in traditional loose black robes abayas and full face --
Veil, ride with tanks
British tourists wear roller coasters and attractions in the park.
Several families with young children complain that some rides have stalled several times.
Others say they are excited about the indoor avenue of Adventure park, which leads visitors through the Marvel and Cartoon Network area, the \"Haunted Hotel\" and the Lost Valley dinosaur area.
The IMG World of Adventure park recorded about 3,000 visitors on Wednesday\'s opening day as temperatures outside rose to 38 degrees Celsius. Ali al-
Subai, a tourist from Saudi Arabia, said he is happy that the Gulf region has such a place to visit in the summer. The 26-year-
He said he visits Dubai at least four times a year and hopes that one day his country will open similar theme parks.
Adventure Park is one of two major theme parks in Dubai this year, part of an effort to attract 20 million visitors each year before the UAE hosts the World Expo in 2020.
According to the tourism and business marketing department, about 14 million people visited Dubai last year.
Saudi Arabia topped the list with the highest proportion of tourists from its Gulf neighbors.
Abdullah Jamil, teenager and Sultan Al
Suvidi from Dubai says they prefer the park to Universal Studios in Singapore.
In their view, they say, the IMG World of Adventure Parks has won because the lines are shorter and the rides are more exciting.
They rode the Velociraptor roller coaster, sped through the indoor park, and then reached the Dubai desert around the park before returning to the park.
Another attraction is the predator roller coaster, which has a large vertical drop. Spider-
Humans also have their own journey, a spinning roller coaster that pushes riders past the skyline of New York City, soaring like a fictional superhero who tries to save the city from the evil octopus doctor.
Cartoon Network-
Girl scrambler with theme Powerpuff slide up and down and rotate rider while 5-
The D theater experience takes guests through the animated 10 battle scenes.
The park\'s goal is to attract up to 30,000 visitors on peak days.
In addition to 22 rides and attractions, the park offers 25 retail stores and 28 food and beverage stores for visitors, which are expected to contribute to the park\'s total revenue for nearly a quarter. At the high-
End Marvel Vault store, luxury Hulk-
The inspired gold display with a Ruby Pen sells for nearly 115,000 dirhams (Rs. 21 lakh).
British tourist Tarik Collins said that although every turn is exciting, the price of tickets is 300 dirhams (Rs. 5,485))
Adult and 250 dirhams (Rs. 4,548)
\"A bit expensive\" for children \".
He said there were not so many of his five attractions. year-
As he hoped.
\"Other than that, it\'s great.
\"It\'s done very well,\" he said . \" Some rides don\'t work, he added.
Lennard Otto, the park\'s chief executive, said it was not uncommon in the theme park industry.
\"There are no theme parks today, both Disney and Universal, and their rides have 100% maintenance time,\" he said . \".
\"The rides will be interrupted.
They are the same as any other technology.
After that, we try and manage the key to this experience. ” —
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