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‘discrimination’? canadian woman says she was told not to wear tank top at gym because of larger chest

by:Bless Garment     2019-12-05
A health club in Canada angered a woman by saying her sports tank was \"inappropriate clothes.
\"Jenna Vicio of Ottawa revealed in a Facebook post last week that when she was approached by a female supervisor, she was working out at the Movati sports club with her husband.
Vicio said the supervisor told her that her vest was uncomfortable for other customers.
Vecchio wrote in her post that the top was \"inappropriate and offensive to both the staff and other members \".
According to Vecchio, her top is no more exposed than other gyms
The audience was dressed, but she was picked out because of her figure.
She wrote on Facebook: Vecchio attached photos of herself wearing a vest taken from different angles.
She also attached screenshots on the Movati website, which included photos of women wearing similar shirts.
\"This is dress discrimination,\" concluded Vecchio . \".
\"Different numbers don\'t mean different rules!
In a statement to the Ottawa Sun, the health club said it had conducted a thorough investigation into the incident and supported the supervisor\'s actions.
\"The staff of Movati never said
The shirt style of Vicio is not suitable-
This is due to her lack of coverage in exercising her powers in circumstances adjacent to other members, \"Movati said.
\"We supported the initial decision, which confirmed Ms.
Vicio\'s dress is inconsistent with our code of conduct.
The statement added that the gym staff were \"professional and cautious in their approach\" while Vecchio and her husband \"chose to openly upgrade the matter \".
\"Vecchio\'s Facebook post appears under different names and has accumulated nearly 5,000 shares since it was released last week.
Most users have expressed support for Vicio and expressed anger at the gym supervisor who they accused of being healthy
Shame and jealousy.
One commenter suggested that Vecchio file a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.
\"There are more gyms and gyms in Ottawa that don\'t discriminate against you because of your size or what you choose to wear,\" said one user . \".
\"I know I want to feel welcome and comfortable where I work, and the gym will certainly not be.
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