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by:Bless Garment     2020-06-28
Purchasing good quality collar stays doesn't solve the purpose, until and unless you are able to wear them properly and extract benefits out of the purpose they are used for. Most of the first-time wearer of these collar accessories face problems or are not aware of some good tips to wear them. The following discussion should help you to learn this conveniently. Inserting the Collar Stays You can get it done form an expert, but learning how to insert the collar stays at the right place can help you in the time of emergencies. For proper insertion of the stiffeners, you need to locate the slots underneath the collars, reserved to accommodate these accessories. Applying Right Adhesives The collar stays can be fixed at the right place in a metal collar stiffeners by applying right adhesive to them. Make sure that you purchase the right adhesives, recommended by the experts so that the collar stays remain unmoved inside the collar. Removing the Collar Stays Before washing or ironing the shirt, you need to get the collar stays removed from the collar. For this, you need to be careful, so that the pointed tips of the metal collar stays don't harm the cloth or the stitching of the shirt. Check for Damaged Stiffeners It is good to inspect the collar stays time and again, so that the damaged pieces are replaced with the fresh ones. These items can get damaged due to prolonged use, washing without removing them or due to bending. While replacing them, you need to follow the procedures for removing and reinserting the stiffeners. Keep the Shirts Clean A collar stay can enhance the looks of a shirt, only when the shirt is neat and clean and well-ironed. A stained or torn shirt fails to impress, no matter whether you use collar stays or not. Choose the Right Collar Accessories To wear a collar stay properly, it is important to choose the right type of these accessories by considering the following attributes: Right size to slip inside the slot perfectly. Right shape to match the shape of the collar. Right color to go with the color of the shirt. Also, purchase these items from a reliable store or dealer, so that they can provide benefits for long term. You can experience the difference between not wearing a collar stay, wearing it in the wrong way and wearing it correctly. As you learn to wear these accessories properly, get ready to have a boost in your confidence. Shopping online for metal collar stiffeners calls for the search of a reliable dealer in these collar accessories. is a leading UK online store to offer these items in various categories. Visit to view the latest designs in plastic and metal based collar bones.
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