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civilian vs. military gear for hiking

by:Bless Garment     2019-12-11
Many hikers and campers use surplus equipment for outdoor adventures.
How about these things compared to civilians?
There are pros and cons of civilian and military equipment for hiking.
The pros and cons of buying a large amount of military surplus equipment that can be converted to use while hiking: boots, clothes, backpacks, hydrating systems, and even food.
Hiking with this device has several advantages.
Perhaps the biggest reason is that the surplus equipment is often cheaper than buying the brand --
Same name for civil gear store.
A pair of extra waterproof nylon rain pants will be cheaper than similar trousers for civilian use.
Another advantage of using military residual gears is that it can be used in cases where the item is seriously worn.
A pair of military surplus cargo pants may be able to withstand the pressure of a season of hiking in remote areas, while similar pants from a civilian company may not last too long and may be more expensive.
Also, throwing away an extra pair of pants is easier to find in the brain and wallet than a more expensive pair of pants.
The biggest drawback of military equipment is that it is often bulky.
If you plan
Walking distance, worried about reducing the weight per ounce, the military surplus may not be the way to go.
The pros and cons of HikingCivilian Gear\'s civilian Gear have a great advantage over the military surplus, as it is designed specifically for hikers.
This means that the device is made to meet the needs of hikers, backpackers or campers, with light weight and complete functionality.
For example, a civilian
The manufacturer will design and make rain-proof jackets to reject water while allowing the body to get moisture through the material.
It will also be lightweight with a ventilated zipper.
In addition, this jacket will come in multiple colors that will catch the eye, both on the trail and off the field.
The biggest drawback of civilian equipment is that it can sometimes be very expensive.
Also, most high
High quality gears can only be found online at professional outdoor gear stores or outdoor retailers.
For those who care about the cost, it may not be practical to spend a lot of money on a raincoat.
Since both gears have benefits and disadvantages, it may be useful to use a combination of civil and military gears to mix the two together when purchasing the necessary gears.
For example, military surplus cargo pants, rain-proof jackets and pants can withstand heavy use and are cheaper than civilian pants. A civilian-made wide-
Compared to the canteen, the bottle of mouth is easier to pour into the beverage mixture.
The army made insulation like sweaters and other cold ones. weather gear.
However, buying a pair of civilian hiking boots may fit better and feel better than military surplus boots.
The article written by Bill SassaniBill Sassani began writing in 2007, contributing to several online publications.
He is also the author of the backpacker Philadelphia guide.
Sasha holds B. A.
History of Penn State University and MITA.
Outdoor education at the University of Northern Colorado.
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