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Arthrosis is a degenerative disease, with favoring

by:Bless Garment     2020-07-03
Avoid overloading and practice constant physical activity at moderate parameters Prevention of worsening arthrosis is a constant physical activity at moderate parameters. When we say constant and moderate physical activity isn't means running or the presence in the gym; is about walking, walking pace. A walk of 2-3 miles, performed daily, constantly, is healthy clean. With this constant time physical activity and moderate, the joints will be better fed, and articular cartilage will have better feeding conditions. Also, avoid overwork, daily work without breaks for rest, relaxation. And here I mean both at work, as well as around the house. Any activity - at work or at home - does not require implementation of large movements that use all joint angles. People say: 'But I do exercise at home or at work when I solve affairs.' But these movements are actually repeated movements, movements that do not wear all joints and muscles using the maximum angles. Beware of excess weight Attention to obesity. This is very harmful, especially in people who have problems with hip joints, knee and spine. One of the risk factors in the development of arthrosis in the hip, knee and lumbar spine (these joints are called, in general, support joints), is overweight (positive weight). This is a permanent demand for both lumbar spine (the lower spine), and for hip and knee. Beware of cold and moisture To prevent worsening arthrosis certain rules must be respected. Emphasize that the measures listed below should be followed at least since the age of 40 years. Even if a person has not yet developed such a disease in this age, it can be any disease due to wear and genetic factors. Compliance with the following rules helps us very much to prevent the occurrence and aggravation of degenerative rheumatic diseases. Arthrosis can affect both the peripheral joints, such as small joints of the hands, hip and knee Arthritis is a disease consisting of joints wear processes, causing great suffering to the joints. Osteoarthritis can affect both the peripheral joints, such as small joints of the hands, hip and knee (the latter coxarthrosis and gonarthrosis are not only common, but very annoying), as well as spinal joints (spondylosis, very common and often distressing). If trauma is affecting a particular joint, arthrosis is a relatively common occurrence. Statistics show that of those who have about 60 years, at least 35% were suffering from such arthrosis. Experts say the total amounts gets to 80-90% in those order than before. These figures are found all over the world. Natural treatment for arthrosis with Calivita products - Nutritional supplements based on shark cartilage - Shark Aid - are effective for reducing inflammation inhibiting bone spurs and joints protection. - Joint Protex is effective in fighting joint pain from the knee, back, elbow and hip. Maintain healthy joints and connective tissues. - Demineralization is one of the factors that contribute to joint disease, and Strong Bones stop this process due to his optimal dose of calcium and magnesium.
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