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Animal prints are alive in the fashion ramp nowadays

by:Bless Garment     2020-06-28
Rule # 1 One animal rule is the first and basic rule to wear animal print heels. When you have bought a zebra print heels, go ahead and show it off but take note that it's the only animal prints you wear on your body. Having a zebra print heels tell much of your wilder side but following these rules will help you look classy and sophisticated and not a disaster. Rule # 2 Match it with fun colorful dresses not prints or patterns. Normally, zebra print heel and other animal print heel neutralizes your outfit. So it can be paired with any colorful dress that is pure and consistent with its color. Rule # 3 Dress for the occasion. Of all the rules, this one will surely bring you safely. Remember that in attending occasions you are there not to impress but to express. So, it's all common sense. An appeal to senses must be the key for you to succeed in your fashion statement. If it's a party for a soon to be bride, then having a pair of zebra print heels with white leggings and a simple top will suit frantically the bridal shower but remember you must not steal the moment of the bride to be. Rule # 4 Accessory rule is important because sometimes more accessories will overdo your look. So, don't wear those accessories which are flashy that clashes your animal print heels. Only choose those bracelets that have plain and neutral colors in order not to snatch away the real emphasis of your outfit, the animal prints. Rule # 5 Last is the 'size and body type' rule. Who says that only those super models can wear zebra print heels? Well, there's no way for that rule. Anyone can wear heals with the zebra prints as long as it suit her body size and type. Like for instance, if you are an apple shape and quiet big, then it will be appropriate for you to wear thinner stripes of zebra print heels whereas those who have an hour glass shaped body that is thinner than a bigger stripe are right for you. Click here now if you want more information about zebra print heels. Visit our blog now zebra shoes.
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