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A sari or saree is a rectangular piece of unstitched

by:Bless Garment     2020-06-24
Saree is easy to carry and maintain,it embraces one so beautifully that one looks extremely elegant and charming.Saree is synonymous with indian heritage,extraordinary craftsmanship,handicrafts,prints,techniques and traditional fabrics,sarees are truly resplendent.This pretty cloth draped in various styles is like a fairy tale that begins to unfold you so you see yourself as a beauty in it. The beautiful drape can be worn in different ways and also the types of saris vary from place to place.'Once a poet wrote-'Kos-Kos per badle paani,chaar kos per Baani'-which means at every other place the water and the language of the people changes,so is the types and styles to wear a saree changes. Saree can be worn according to various ocaasions and themes. Bridal saree:-Worn by the bride on her D-day i.e. the wedding day.Generally,these types of sarees are quite heavy in their type of work done on the saree. It can be in terms of motifs,lace work,print(BOLD),fabric and a lot of craftsmanship is done to make it stand out in the eyes of the beholder. Embroidered saree:-Lot of embroidery work is done which can be done;by hand or by machines.The more the embroidery,the more is it's cost and uniqueness in the market. Georgette Sarees:-It is very light in weight and the most asked for saree by the working women.Due to it's light weight ans sheer fabric,easy on maintainence and also it can be worn in a whisk of a time. Saree can be worn in various ways ,the common being;the old style-a saree is worn over a petticot,or a slip which holds the saree in place.Along with it is a blouse,which is a tight fitting clothing and adds a dash of glam quotient to the saree.The 6 yard cloth(Sari) is pleated and draped around the body and over the shoulders,the loose end of the fabric is thrown over the left shoulder,is known as 'Pallu'.Pallu is usually full of designs and embroidery.The bollywood saree wear in different styles with long to sleeveless blouses to add extra glam quotient and the oomph factor to this beautiful attire,called Saree. It is just a matter of how a woman drapes a saree.This attire is in style since 1000 of years ago for the simple reason of it's simplicity,uniqueness and practical usage with the women of today's fast moving world.
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